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It’s not just the color that makes a space feel warmer; believe it or not it is also the furniture arrangement. When the furniture is closely placed it makes it more intimate and it gives your guest the opportunity to have conversations. The trick to pairing colors is to select hues that are neighbors on the color wheel, a tool that designers use. At the same time keep in mind that warmed-up hues often pair well with cooled-down ones.



A recent project of mine inspired me to share this quick idea with some of you out there that might have been dealing with some bare walls forever, but stuck on the what, where, and how?

Try this unexpected idea to brighten all your blank spots. If you can collect a few cubes or frames, you can arrange them on your empty wall and create a wonderful unique wall decoration for a modern interior. The Size of the cubes does not matter. All different frames/cubes grouped together can be purchased at a flea market or a thrift store which helps you decorate room walls on a dime.

Also, don’t forget your stairwell. A floor-to-ceiling gallery of frames can create a great collage of art. You can use your kids’ colorful paintings, black and white photos of the family, favorite prints from a vacation, or a print from your preferred artist. You can definitely create a wonderful collection of what brings you joy and solve your bare wall problems at the same.

A quick tip: Play around with your arrangements on the floor before you begin to hang your art. That way you can get the complete vision of what your wall gallery will end up looking like.

To create a great visual finish – especially if you’re working with different sizes of frames, cubes etc…, place your low center piece first, then place your largest on the ends. If you have similar shapes or pairs, keep them close to each other for a unified look. Line up the bottoms in order to get that crisp professional display.


Bling It!

Lamp before

In these tough economic times, I say, don’t give up on blinging up your home. Revive, refurbish or uplift some otherwise drab pieces that you might not be in love with. Spend wisely and be frugal. One of the biggest suggestions I can make (being a resourceful designer) is to ask yourself this question before spending some $$ on a new lamp or any other decorative item, ‘is this item worth it?’ Most of the time, the answer is no and you can simply pass on it. I strongly believe in being inventive, especially when it comes to the home. What we should care about is beauty and beautification is achievable if you shed some fears. Remind yourself that you don’t need to be rich to live beautifully. You just need a little imagination and some basic items such as a can of primer, a can of paint in the color of your choice, etc... to create or recreate an item.

Lamp after - I just love that new blue color

So stop the mindless spending. Look at everything with potential. Do not pass up pieces that might be looking to be rescued aesthetically. You don't need to be a master’s apprentice to learn how to make some simple changes to a piece of furniture that might otherwise be “ordinary”. Elegant doesn’t have to be pricey. Take stock of what you already own and can revive by putting a little bling into it, and this will be sure to stimulate warm conversation. When it comes to making your home special, no detail is ever too small to make a difference.


Be inspired by your imagination

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Being inspired by your imagination is where perfect spaces are born. Where eye catching combinations of color, clean lines and flawless surfaces come together in the design you have always dreamed of. Awakening your imagination is what gives birth to a great design. It is how you will be able to tell the story of your personal style. When it comes to your personal space, there should be no inhibition. You should truly be yourself and not let it be dictated by the outside world.

Your space should reflect your personality and tell the story of who lives in the space. "How do I do it?" you ask. I always say to look in your closet. Whatever colors speak to you are right there in your own closet. So, believe it or not, you are your own best inspiration. Take your favorite color shirt, skirt, suit, blouse, sweater etc... as your inspiring point. If you're afraid of putting your favorite blouse's color on the wall, incorporate it in accessories. Once you pick an outfit that you love from your closet, I guarantee, you will awaken the creative side of you. Than you will end up with a beautiful space that translates the most important vision of all - yours!

Essentially, we all are story tellers - If you are still stumped for ideas, ask yourself the following questions and see what you come up with:

What are my interests?
What are my hobbies?
What is my passion?

Go ahead, tell your story! Hope you're inspired by this post. Until the next blog post, go in your closet and get inspired!


Boost your serotonin with a prettier space...

In this world full of turmoil we all would love to be able to escape it all. But unfortunately, not all of us have the means to take that dream vacation to the places we have in our minds where we would experience tranquility and decompression. But the good news is, there are so many wonderful and inexpensive ways to turn our space into a haven that we only dream we would get elsewhere.

No matter how hard things are most of us have a place that we call home - whether it's a studio, a one room apartment or a shack, you can still make your space a beautiful place that can boost your energy level and give you relaxation needed to reface the world yet another day. Here are some tips that can help you do just that by using the five senses rule:

Sight - Fresh flowers arranged in a nice bouquet either on a mantel or a coffee table can be so well-pleasing to the eye.

Sound - Playing your favorite sound in the background is always a great way to decompress and center the mind.

Smell - Light a favorite candle to permeate the air with a great scent and if you're allergic to candles, you can never go wrong with a mild-scented room fragrance spray.

Touch - Invest in a nice cozy velvet/velour/chenille throw or some luxurious silky sheets.

*Courtesy of Pottery Barn*
Taste - Whether it's a glass of your favorite tasting wine or some great velvety chocolates, I'm sure each one of you has a favorite snack that brings you comfort.

With these basic things in mind, I'm sure you can be creative in making your space beautiful and unique to your particular likings and style. My philosophy is to never settle for how you live just because of not being rich. Live a more conscious existence where lifestyle will enhance your health naturally - boosting your serotonin without the medications.


What Does Your Space Say About You?

It's time to cut all the excuses people. Here are some soul-searching questions that might help.

1. Why does your environment remain cluttered?
It is not a priority.
I can never get around to tidying it.
I don't know where to start.
I fear I will never finish.

2. How does the clutter make you feel?

3. What is holding you back from releasing old things?
I am not sure what to keep.
I'm insecure about making decisions.
I fear I will need something the minute after I toss it out.
I am afraid to let go.

4. What would make it easier for you to declutter?
Knowing I am making the right decisions
Not regretting losing something
Knowing that it won't be time consuming
Knowing that it will really work

5. How much time will I commit to change?
One month
Six months
One year
As long as it takes

6. What does an uncluttered environment represent to you?

After identifying the obstacles that stand in your way, you can begin to tackle those obstacles. Choose a space to declutter. Not sure which space to start with? Ask yourself the following questions about the spaces you're considering: Are there overwhelming quantities of one or two types of items {such as paperwork or clothing} in this space? Has cleaning in this space become an impossible chore due to too much stuff? Is the floor covered with objects and items you need to put away? Are the tops of the desk, tables, chairs, and other furniture hidden beneath piles? Is this space lacking a proper filing and/or storage system? Has it been more than a month since you've sorted and purged your unneeded items in this space?

If you've answered yes to most or all of these questions, then you know where you need to start. Now it's time to start sorting. Choose one area of that space-start small if you're worried that you won't finish-and ask yourself the following questions as you go through each item in that area:

When was the last time you used the item?
Is it a collectible that could be displayed and enjoyed?
Is the item outdated, or is it usable?
Are you able to find this item when you need it?
Is the item beyond repair?
What is your treasure?

You've heard the notion that one man's treasure is another man's junk, but what does it mean to truly cherish something? This next exercise will help you identify the real treasures in your life, and let them tell their story.

List your prized possessions.
Describe how you acquired them.
What story or emotion do you associate with each of these objects?
What are your reasons for keeping these items?
How do you honor these items?

Don't let the sentimental journey inhibit you.

Problem: You assign an emotion or a feeling to an item, and you feel that if you were to throw it out you would lose some part of you.

Solution: Remind yourself that throwing something out does not mean that you are throwing out the memory of that thing or that person.



Clogs-aliscious Time

It is almost fall, WooHOO! My favorite season EVER!!! Which means, lots of fun fall fashion!! In my opinion, fall is the best time to show off your fashionista side even if you don’t think it’s in you. And so, with a look toward fall, here is a peek into the future of this fall’s fashion:

Yep! You guessed correct. Fashion forecasters predict Clogs will be HUGE this fall. Clogs-aliscious time!

I used to wear them back in the day, and boy, am I glad they’re back! If you’re like me always looking for a style that’s not only fashionable, but is also quick to put on, well, there you have it. Clogs do just that. Not only are they an easy wear, they're stylish, and fashionably sexy hot! And what better way to stay bang on trend than with a gorgeous pair of leather clogs. The options are endless and are appropriate for almost any age group. Choose from platform styles, wooden heels or clog sandals.

These pebbled leather platform sandals feature studs at the bands and at the T strap Buckled ankle strap will be added to my collection of shoes for SURE!.

I hope to have inspired you by this update to up your style this fall. Happy fall shopping ya'll.


{The Rug}...That's Where It's At

Isn’t it true, after the hassle of moving, and you are finally all moved in, all of a sudden it hits you; what now? Where do I begin? What color should I paint? Those thoughts are a start, but the big question now is, HOW do you start?

Well, here’s the easiest way to get started:

Most of you would never guess it. It’s the rug! The rug is the most important piece in any room. Think about it. When you don yourself with an outfit, do you put on first the clothes, jewelry, shoes and then the undergarments? Most of you would have to disagree right? Well, just like you always start with your undergarments before getting dressed, you start with a great rug of your choice and you build off of it; it’s the foundation.

With the rug in place, your next step is to make your decisions about what type of furniture should be placed in your home. The rug gives you the colors for the room, the colors for the pillows and draperies. For me without the rug {especially, if you’re not a professional designer} you can't make those kinds of decisions, or I should say, it’s harder to get a full clear vision and see it through. And YES, you can put area rugs on carpeting – it helps define spaces. Trust me, once you found the rug, everything else will fall into place—the color palette, the mix of furniture and accessories.

And don’t forget pillows. They help bring color and pattern into a room. A sofa would feel/look naked without pillows. They can be simple, the pillows don't have to be frilly or anything. They can be very understated and still be cozy. Remember, less is more.


Summerize Your Style

I don't know about you all, but for me summer is not usually thought of as high fashion..when most wardrobe items are flip-flops, tanks, shorts {although as free as that style allows most to be}, but stylish doesn't immediately come to mind.

But I'm here to tell you, while trying to keep cool, there are lots of ways to still bring elegance to your summer style. The quickest and most effective way to accomplish a stylish appearance is with accessories. Some statement jewelry can offer your summer wardrobe some embellishment with subtle details, while still feeling comfortable under the sun. The key to spicing up your style this summer is owning and knowing how to use accessories elegantly. Looking perfectly polished in the summer months isn't always easy--especially on those days that are unbearably hot. With that in mind, it's very important to start investing in a few classic pieces of jewelry. Sometimes, just adding that one necklace to a rather boring/not so elegant outfit, can give us that opportunity to make heads turn.

We recognize, however, that keeping your accessories in tune with what you wear is vital. Always remember, your clothes need to be of a similar coloring of an unfussy fabric and pattern that will make the necklace stand out. We don't want to seem that we're trying too hard.


Why Is Gardening Good For You

Don't forget to incorporate the outdoors in your decorating to give your home that updated look. Researchers actually have found evidence that “gardening is good for your health, reducing stress levels, lowering blood pressure and even helping you live longer.”

And who after a busy/stressful day wouldn't want to have that great escape to come home to? Not only is it rewarding and absorbing but gardening may even provide better exercise than going to the gym. How so? According to experts, “activities such as digging and raking are good steady exercise, which burns more calories than cycling.” At the same time taking care of our beautiful planet!

Just remember, plant roots thrive in soil that has a balance of particles that hold on to enough moisture to keep roots from drying out while allowing excess water to drain away. Gardeners call this mixture loam. In such soil, air circulates freely, allowing microorganisms to go about their work of adding nutrients to the soil. Large amounts of organic matter—compost—should be added to both clay and sandy soils to achieve a balance. When it is spaded into the ground, compost conditions the soil.

Since, like a sponge, it holds on to moisture, less watering is needed. Compost comes complete with millions of friendly bacteria that will continue to break down decaying matter, turning the matter into nutrients that plants need in order to grow vigorously. Compost also helps balance the soil so that it is neither too acidic nor too alkaline.

What, though, if you know little about gardening? Do you have friends, neighbors, or acquaintances who have experience in this regard? Then why not ask them for help or advice? It may also be possible for you to purchase or borrow some books on gardening.

One of my favorite plants is the Begonia with big red bronze leaf. It blooms all season and thrives in sun or shade. So, happy gardening!!!