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{The Rug}...That's Where It's At

Isn’t it true, after the hassle of moving, and you are finally all moved in, all of a sudden it hits you; what now? Where do I begin? What color should I paint? Those thoughts are a start, but the big question now is, HOW do you start?

Well, here’s the easiest way to get started:

Most of you would never guess it. It’s the rug! The rug is the most important piece in any room. Think about it. When you don yourself with an outfit, do you put on first the clothes, jewelry, shoes and then the undergarments? Most of you would have to disagree right? Well, just like you always start with your undergarments before getting dressed, you start with a great rug of your choice and you build off of it; it’s the foundation.

With the rug in place, your next step is to make your decisions about what type of furniture should be placed in your home. The rug gives you the colors for the room, the colors for the pillows and draperies. For me without the rug {especially, if you’re not a professional designer} you can't make those kinds of decisions, or I should say, it’s harder to get a full clear vision and see it through. And YES, you can put area rugs on carpeting – it helps define spaces. Trust me, once you found the rug, everything else will fall into place—the color palette, the mix of furniture and accessories.

And don’t forget pillows. They help bring color and pattern into a room. A sofa would feel/look naked without pillows. They can be simple, the pillows don't have to be frilly or anything. They can be very understated and still be cozy. Remember, less is more.

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