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Be inspired by your imagination

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Being inspired by your imagination is where perfect spaces are born. Where eye-catching combinations of color, clean lines, and flawless surfaces come together in the design you have always dreamed of. Awakening your imagination is what gives birth to a great design. It is how you will be able to tell the story of your personal style. When it comes to your personal space, there should be no inhibition. You should truly be yourself and not let it be dictated by the outside world.

Your space should reflect your personality and tell the story of who lives in the space. "How do I do it?" you ask. I always say to look in your closet. Whatever colors speak to you are right there in your own closet. So, believe it or not, you are your own best inspiration. Take your favorite color shirt, skirt, suit, blouse, sweater, etc... as your inspiring point. If you're afraid of putting your favorite blouse's color on the wall, incorporate it in accessories. Once you pick an outfit that you love from your closet, I guarantee, you will awaken the creative side of you. Then you will end up with a beautiful space that translates the most important vision of all - yours!

Essentially, we all are storytellers - If you are still stumped for ideas, ask yourself the following questions and see what you come up with:

What are my interests?
What are my hobbies?
What is my passion?

Go ahead, tell your story! I hope you're inspired by this post. Until the next blog post, go in your closet and get inspired!