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a lamp gets a fresh refresh

In these tough economic times, I say, don’t give up on freshening up your home. Revive, refurbish or uplift some otherwise drab pieces that you might not be in love with anymore. Spend wisely and be frugal. One of the biggest suggestions I can make (being a resourceful designer) is to ask yourself this question before spending some money on a new lamp or any new item for this matter. ‘Is this item worth it?’ Most of the time, the answer is no, and you can simply pass on it. I strongly believe in being creative, inventive, especially when it comes to the home. Beautifying anything in your home is achievable if you let go of some fears. Remind yourself that you don’t need to be rich to live beautifully. You just need a little imagination and some basic items such as a can of primer, a can of paint in the color of your choice, and some elbow grease to create or refresh an item.

So, stop the mindless spending. Look at everything with potential. Do not pass up pieces that might be at first glance unsightly. Sometimes, such items are just looking to be rescued aesthetically. You don't need to be a master’s apprentice to learn how to make some simple changes to a piece of furniture that might otherwise appear “ordinary”. Elegant doesn’t have to be pricey. Take stock of what you already own and can revive with a fresh refresh, and this sure will stimulate some great conversations. When it comes to making your home special, no detail is ever too small to make a difference. I just love this new blue color. 

Happy Diy-ing!

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