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This recent project inspired me to share this quick simple idea with some of you who might be dealing with some bare walls for a while now and not quite sure of how or what to do with it?

Maybe this unexpected idea is an option to brighten that bare wall space. If you can collect a few cubes or frames, you can arrange them on your empty wall and create a wonderful unique wall decoration for a modern interior. The Size of the cubes does not matter. All different frames/cubes grouped together can be purchased at a flea market or a thrift store that will give you a beautiful new look on a dime. Who doesn't love that?

Also, don’t forget your stairwell. A floor-to-ceiling gallery of frames can create a great collage of art. You can use your kids’ colorful paintings, black and white photos of the family, favorite prints from a vacation, or a print from your preferred artist. You can definitely create a wonderful collection of what brings you joy and solve your bare wall problems at the same.

A quick tip: Play around with your arrangements on the floor before you begin to hang your art. That way you can get the complete vision of what your wall gallery will end up looking like.

To create a great visual finish especially if you’re working with different size frames, cubes etc…, place your low centerpiece first, then place your largest on the ends. If you have similar shapes or pairs, keep them close to each other for a unified look. Line up the bottoms in order to get that crisp professional display. I hope this was the motivation and idea needed to beautify your space.