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The Voice Within: Believe In Yourself

Being the newbie at anything is always kind of a difficult thing in life. As a new blogger... I'm really not dealing with cattiness in an office setting per se, but the cattiness can still be felt by people's attitudes when I reach out to them. You have ones that feel like they're better because of the brands they represent or the number of people they have following them, basically, if you're not one of them - you're a "nobody."

This is rather pathetic, and certainly short-sighted because life takes some unexpected funny turns sometimes, and one day you may need the help of that "pee-on" you don't want to give the time of day right now. Although at times it can be disparaging and make me say "the heck with it," I recall what the hubby always says to me, "everyone has to start from somewhere." *{And those of you who have acknowledged my blog - thank you, I appreciate it. Xo}*

Really, starting anew at anything isn't a failure and it should not make you feel inferior... as a matter of fact, it shows gumption to be able to leave your comfort zone to go after something you love despite the societal view of age or negative opinions. {I find writing about your feelings, not only helps you to put things into perspective, but it's also cathartic.}

So, to anyone with a dream {me included:} know and always believe that your greatest dream can come true. Hold on to hope, despite endless rejections...let it work out endurance in you. Someone will eventually care and notice your worth! Oprah once said at her farewell show "each one has a platform within their own reach. Every day, show people who you are because your birthright alone makes you worthy enough..."

* Photos: via pinterest...*


The Sizzling Hot Color Of 2012 - Tangerine!

According to Pantone, the color of the year is tangerine! I'm kind of excited about that for many reasons... one, it reminds me of the beautiful fall colors seen in the trees. Those of you who read my blog know that fall is my favorite season.

Second, tangerine/Orange color is a close relative of red - a color that in my opinion, demands more attention than any other hue on the color wheel. So, I shouldn't be made fun of {like, "we can't miss you in the crowd with such a bright color."} for wearing that color this year... I hope.

Also, there is usually a strong positive association with the color tangerine/orange family. Furthermore, it's a fun and flamboyant color that radiates warmth and energy. Oddly enough, this color has a very broad appeal... which I've mentioned here about my burnt orange colored jacket. It's definitely a mood enhancer...

It's a color that stimulates activity, appetite, and socialization. For this reason, it can definitely be used in a dining room anchored by black accents.

*Photo sources: Pinterest


Just The Little Things In Life

I have to say that this past year has been a rough roller coaster ride with a lot of ups and downs. I feel that I truly missed out on 2011. Life can be so unfair and brutal and at times it seems to just wring the life out of you if you let it happen.

For that reason, I MAKE  time to savor some of the little things in life {probably what others would consider "life's guilty pleasures," but is it?}, whether it's by enjoying my favorite cup of tea with one or two or twenty Belgian cocoa dusted truffles or taking a day to do what I love. Doesn't drinking the healthy Acai Berry tea with the truffles take away all the fat calories anyway? :) You see in my mind, I think that;) Don't they say 'it's all in the mind.' ?

Looking back on the past seven years of my life, I'm astounded on how quickly it sped away. And sometimes that's the problem. Unless we take the time to "do us"...take the time to smell the roses so-to-speak, and enjoy each day as it comes, time can pass us by and leave us with nothing to show for it except maybe a few vague memories.

I've always been one that lives by the philosophy: "make sure to nurture you by doing and surrounding yourself with what and who you love, if not, you'll be useless to others..." that's why I find it necessary to surround myself with things and people that make me feel good. {sorry, if that sounds snobbish... but the world is full of unhappy people, because they don't take time for themselves}, Granted, that may be tough for most today for whatever reason, but I strongly believe that a productive, enjoyable life is a gift not only to self, but to those around us.

Also, I believe strongly in presentation. That's why you'll notice I make my tea in a French press and use my 24 carat gold plated cup {gift from my mother-in-law}. To me, it makes it special... which boosts my mood immediately. It's psychological I guess.

Try to celebrate each day by doing something for YOU.

~Celebrate you! Happy Sunday.~


* Adieu Fall Fashion *

I really feel a little bit of sadness that fall is already behind us as of yesterday. Although I don't mind the winter months, I certainly prefer the Fall with everything that comes with it as I've mentioned here in an earlier post.  I'm sure looking forward to wearing my cozy winter sweaters and turtlenecks... just the thought of that makes me feel warm and cozy. I know. I'm weird. :)

But it doesn't mean that I can't wear these pieces throughout the winter as well! The colors are versatile and can be paired with other earth tone pieces in my closet, so stay tuned for other options using the same pieces shown here.


What I'm wearing:
  • Burnt orange corduroy jacket from Spiegel
  • H&M dress
  • Steve Madden ankle boots shown here and here {have had these for years...they're one of my favorites!}
  • DKNY black tights
  • Sunglasses also shown here
  • Daisy Fuentes silver cluster necklace posted here

Happy Friday Fashionistas:)


Fall Into Starbucks For Warmth

Had a relaxing day shopping around town with the hubby. It was very gloomy and cold! This required going to our second home for our liquid warmth at Starbucks.:) I enjoy so much the gloomy days, since it's a rarity being in the desert where the sun seems to be endlessly BRIGHT!   It's something that I'll have to contend with for the next six months while I'm here. :( Don't get me wrong, I like the sun, but not constantly... I would rather have seasons which gives life variety.

Also the one good thing about those kind of days, they're perfect for taking photos {I was told by our wedding photographer who was reassuring me when he was taking our pictures on a hazy day in Muttontown, NY}... the camera flash doesn't compete with the bright sun on those type of days.

What I'm wearing:
  • Sweater Old Navy
  • C Pink Skinny Jeans
  • Brown suede fur boots {I've had these for years, I don't even remember where I got them}, but they're very warm, soft and cozy; perfect for a chilly day.
  • Michael Kors bag. {I LOVE everything this man makes. One of my favorite designers FOR SURE!}
  • Mixed Jewelry from everywhere collected over time. {I love accessories... I'm sure by now those who read this blog have noticed that:}
 Happy Thursday!

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Glamorize With Sparkly Nail Tips

This year, nail art has been the trend - which to me is a no brainer, because  I have always viewed well-manicured hands as one of the most important aspects of a groomed look... it's like putting on the finishing touches in design.

I've been into beautiful nails since I was 8 years old. I remember every Friday I used to give myself and my mom mani pedis. That was our little pampering/bonding moment. Sometimes I wonder what life would be like if she was still here?  :(

I used the Sally Hansen Gem crush glitter at the tips. The middle color is by Sinful Colors in 'See You Soon'

I love solid dark colors in the wintertime but I must admit a little nail glitter/embellishment can add some interest and glam. My design here is actually inspired by one of my favorite bloggers ...LoveMaegan. I used the O.P.I top coat which dries it all really fast.

Happy hump day my dear readers:)


Tips On Being Tactful

Understanding the Feelings of Others

All this means is to perceive {or observe} people’s feelings {it's all in the facial expression and body language} and discern how best to treat them kindly. Sometimes, words don't need to be spoken to understand someone else's true feelings/emotions. We can succeed in being tactful by observing how people feel and respond to what we say or our actions. It's that unspoken language of emotion that I talked about here...

Show That You Understand

Tact is especially important when you have a complaint against someone. You can so easily hurt someone's dignity. Specific commendation is always appropriate first. Rather than criticize, concentrate on the problem. Explain how their actions affect you and exactly what you would like to see changed. Then be prepared to listen. Perhaps you have misunderstood that person. People like to feel that you understand their viewpoint even if you do not agree with it. Thus when a person speaks of some problem, rather than offering a solution before hearing the matter out, a tactful way of showing that you understand is to repeat the problem or complaint in your own words. This is a kind way of showing that you understand.

Recognize What Not to Say

You want to tactfully arrange your words in a way that would put the person in a good mood... Only then will you be able to broach any delicate topic that you  might want to discuss. Also what is also instructive to notice is omitting what's not necessary to say so as not to open up unecessary wounds. Tact includes kindly recognizing what not to say.

Speech That Heals

Learning the art of tactful speech will help you to enjoy happy relations with others, even when someone has misunderstood your motives and is bitter and resentful. Try always to consider how your words will affect other people. Making the effort to be tactful will help you to experience the joy and happiness in what is like to have peaceful relationships.

Happy Monday


A Fashion Style Inspired By: Kelly Ripa

I had a meeting to attend and needed business attire that wasn't too buttoned up and  that didn't require a suit jacket since we had a period of warm weather in the middle of November {yes, these pictures were taken a little while ago... lol}... which is unheard of. Lo and behold, I was watching LIVE! With Kelly and am never disappointed with Kelly's timeless style which inspired this outfit. But what's more! About a week or so ago, I got one of Kelly Ripa's most coveted pieces of jewelry... which I will post about in an upcoming outfit post. So stay tuned.;)

 What I'm wearing:
  • Silk purple blouse by Elle {I've had this one for over 10 years}
  • Navy blue skirt by International Concept {a.k.a. INC}
  • Shoes.. Charlotte Russe
  • Bag is from a little boutique in SOHO, NY.
  • Sunglasses from Ulta {as been shown here}

This is the show that inspired my outfit:

Wishing you much sun in Sunday!


Five Hottest Gifts Right Now

What do you get for those that say they "don't want anything" or seemingly already have it all? Here are some ideal picks this week for these kinds of people:

Not only is this Anne Klein  Watch a practical gift, but a stylish one at that. {one of my favorites right now}

The Kindle Fire is one of the top selling items right now. A fantastic gift for the bookworm in your circle.
Sony Cybershot Camera
This Sony Cybershot digital camera makes it a breeze to capture the little precious moments in life as it happens.
Noise Isolating Earphones
Give the gift of sound.This pair of Ultimate Earphones are perfect for the grown-ups or young-ones alike.

This Slick Panasonic Blu-Ray Player is ideal for the Techie in your life. {Also on my wish list... who's going to surprise me with this?;}

Happy shopping!

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Fur Vest... A Stylish Way To Fend Off Winter Chills

This was my look two weeks ago heading out for a dinner party at a friend's house. First she said it was going to be a formal dinner party... then decided for a jeans casual dinner {because her husband wasn't up to dressing up that night;}... by then I was kind of torn between what I would wear... so I decided on this outfit - casual enough, but not too casual.

I feel when you're rocking something that can come off too casual, a fur vest {currently part of the fashion trend} and a metallic clutch can elevate your whole outfit. Since it was a little bit chilly, I decided to style it over my silk shirt for an added layer of warmth and complexity.

TIP: This fur trend can also be styled over flowy tunics for added elegance while keeping warm.

What I wore
  • Rabbit fur vest {bought at a boutique in Santa Monica}
  • White low rise strecth Jordache boot leg jeans
  • Scaly soft pink silk blouse
  • Necklace by Vera Wang
  • Aldo metallic clutch {also seen here}
  • Steven by Steve Madden Ankle booties {shown in a previous post}  
"Fashion is about expressing yourself."


Learning the Art of Being Tactful...

We live in a world where it seems that almost everyone is on edge and could care less about other's feelings. Seeing this being done to others or sometimes being guilty of doing this myself which makes me cringe afterwards... has impelled me to write about tact {being fashionable starts from the inside first}. Sometimes having some reminders of things not to do can be a positive affirmation that can help us to improve.

What Is Tact?

A dictionary defines tact as “the ability to appreciate the delicacy of a situation and to do or say the kindest or most fitting thing.” The word originally referred to touch. Just as sensitive fingers can perceive if something is sticky, soft, polished, hot, or hairy, so a tactful person can sense the feelings of other people and can discern how his words or actions affect them. But doing this is not just a skill; it involves a genuine desire to avoid hurting others.

When a person is overly concerned with the importance of his job, he can easily fail to recognize or care about the needs of those he deals with. He is much like the proverbial bus driver who was so concerned with arriving on time that he did not stop to pick up passengers.

My advice is don't let fame, prestige or status in life make you become tactless, but rather, strive to be kind to people, for we do not know how they really feel. We should always be alert to signs that reveal a person’s feelings and respond with a kind word or act. How can you improve your skills in this regard? Check back next Monday for the answer;)

When do you find it hard to be tactful?


Gifts That Will Keep On Giving

People like practical gifts {I know personally I'd rather get gift cards so I can buy what I really want}. I always feel, if you're moved to give someone a gift, it should reflect that you were really thinking about them personally. Not just any unthoughtful gift that you "HAD" to get just for the sake of saying you got something. I think that's why I'm more into spontaneous gift-giving throughout the year instead of this all-out one time deal. But if you're going to give something, here are some of my favorites that I guarantee you, people will love!

KitchenAid 5-Quart hand mixer
Now, this is the gift for the baker in the family or a good friend. I have yet to get one of these puppies. But it's been difficult to find the retro color that I want {baby blue... although the pistachio color is also a very nice color too. For some reason I feel like having one in either of those colors reminds me of Julia Childs. lol}

Need I say more? The 5-in-1 Griddler is such a time-saver for last minute, great tasting food. I put mine to good use. Although I'd rather have this one since it's much bigger than my current one. 
Over the summer, I visited a friend who had this Cuisinart electric kettle, which I thought was pretty cool. Much quicker than boiling water out of stove top tea kettle. Although this particular one is a bit more high tech, there are much less expensive ones too. I still haven't gotten me one. {right now there's free shipping on Amazon}.
The Oral-B Professional electric toothbrush... was one of the best investments that I made. It certainly doesn't compare to a regular toothbrush. If you like that squeaky clean feeling you get after your routine dental cleaning, well, you'll love this toothbrush... what's better is that it doesn't hurt like it does at the dentist office. The hubby and I LOVE ours. It's much cheaper on Amazon... way less, than we paid.

This adorable Zapi toothbrush sanitizer makes sanitizing one's toothbrush cooler. This energetic new 2012 fashionable color certainly makes this a stylish gift.

One of the must have things in my purse. Nivea hand cream. It's truly an indulgence for the hands. Especially, for the winter months when the skin gets very dry. Recently I went to the Doctor and part of the check-up involved him touching my hands and he said: "Wow, your hands are very soft!..." and he proceeded to call his intern that was in the room to come touch my hands. No, he wasn't freakish or inappropriate, my hubby who accompanies me almost everywhere was in the room as well, but I thought it was hilarious. Hey, try it out, you never know who might like it. ;)

Happy Sunday Everyone!

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