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Get Your Office Organized

Get Your Office Organized…

When kicking off a new month—not to mention a whole new year—it's a good idea to focus on something that will keep your life less cluttered: organization. After all, how can one possibly put their best foot forward if not organized? Happily, thanks to many resources, I have some ideas to help you. Don't worry if you don’t think you can do it, because, with some great tips, you’ll see that you can!

For example, who doesn’t struggle with keeping desk drawers organized?

Here’s tip number one: Desks with drawers provide great additional storage for things you would prefer to keep out of view. But, it’s easy to put things there without thinking, and the drawers can quickly turn into clutter- the famous “junk drawer”, which consumes precious time searching for things. To prevent that from happening, first of all, I suggest committing each drawer to one type of storage, and partitioning each drawer with organizers that can be found at bed bath and beyond or the container store. As you do that, you will make the best use of your drawers and keep them organized.

Now, how about the top of the desk?
Always remember, your desktop should provide you enough room for your basic office essentials; space to comfortably write, to open your mail, and to review the unfriendly bills. There should be enough room around everything for you to maneuver without bumping into things. Depending on how big your space is, you should work with the other zones of your office. For instance, will you have enough space to use a desktop wire file-organizer for often-needed files? If your office space cannot accommodate such files then those files are better placed in the front of a file cabinet or in a drawer.

The Mail:
The best thing to do If you have open wall space in your entryway is to mount magazine wall files (wood or metal-whatever goes with your d├ęcor), as your mail station. Or if you have a table in your entryway, place a nice decorative tray or bins to keep your mail tidy. Whatever storage solution you decide, it will help you to see when the mail is starting to pile up and you will more likely sort it out, toss the unnecessaries and not lose those pesky bills in a pile of junk mail.

Last but not least, The Nightstands:
Ideally, the top of the nightstand should be seen, not covered with "STUFF"- it should hold maybe a favorite book, a lamp, an alarm clock, and definitely a beautiful vase with fresh flowers. Now the nightstand drawer/drawers should be used to conceal items that would detract from your bedroom decor, such as prescription medicines, the television remote, etc... If you have a number of items you use while in bed, consider having the right nightstand for your needs. Any items that are not used while you are in bed should be eliminated, they sure don't belong anywhere on or in the nightstand. This will help you avoid having that pile of unnecessary stuff on your nightstands.