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Mexican Food Meets Haute Cuisine

Anyone that knows us, knows that we're foodies. In fact, a few would say: "if the Harts say that place is good, it is not only great, but high end". It is not bragging, it is just giving credit where credit is due. With that's one of our favorite high-class mexican food restaurants EVER! 'Dos Caminos'.

This mexican restaurant thus far has brought mexican food to a whole new level in the culinary spectrum. They have the best margarita's & guacomole yet! You must have a palate for good food to appreciate this restaurant.

My favorite location of course is the one in Soho, NY {being a New Yorker:}, but if you are for over the top glamour like we are, you will definitely love and enjoy the Las Vegas one in the Palazzo Hotel. It is a must go to place when you are visiting Las Vegas. The decor, the ambience, the music make it more worthwhile. What is more, is that the restaurant managers there make everyone feel like they are super stars. Take it from me, you must make it a part of your travels the next time you come to "Sin City", you will not be disappointed.

"Bon Appetit!"


“Best of Travels: Ojai, Ca”

Best features of Ojai, CA is this little hidden Inn called ‘Ojai Valley Inn & Spa’ nestled in the luscious great mountains of Ojai, CA. My husband surprised me with a sneak getaway before our tax season madness begins, and I was pleasantly surprised when we arrived at this beautifully tucked away spot in the California hills. As a city girl who expects a well-curated list of the best places and things to do such as, restaurants, spas, cultural venues, entertainment and boutiques, I must say, my expectations can be high. I’m always relieved when we find the best that the country has to offer. Once I saw this place, the first thing that came to mind was, “this would be a great place for a writer to come to be inspired.” As an adventurous couple, we love to explore the world of its beauties and Ojai is now one of our favorite little treasured getaway memories that we will always cherish. Good job Taxmaster!

It’s a personal retreat where you can come for a private escape to unwind, think, reflect, and play in total solitude. A place that is essentially stress-free, where you can forget about the rat race of this spinning life in the “real world”. This place resides above luscious manicured golf-course lawns and sumptuous green mountains. Each room is distinctively designed as a personal casita {meaning cottage in English}. The generous private terraces offer you ‘that spectacular’ view of the most lusciously green mountains which instantly melts away any stress. The staff pays attention to every little detail that puts a smile on your face. What’s more, the service received is a friendly one... they treat you like you’re a super star.

Break the cycle. Experience the luxury that life has to offer by uninhibited exploration. You won’t be disappointed…I guarantee it!