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Revitalize your space = Revitalizing your spirit


Home should be more than just the place where you live. It should be the place where you love and long to go to regroup. Today, it's important more than ever to feel safe, comfortable, nurtured - even be empowered- by the place you call home. All it takes are some simple changes that can make a big difference. As can be seen in my latest transformation of this small dining room space, I took it from drab to fab. 


Foodie vs. Gluttony

Grilled Duct

Being inspired by tapas {meaning little plates} from Spain, I'm pleased when restaurants feature small bites of decadence. I know we live in a country where everything is "BIG", but believe me, give these small dishes a chance. The richness of such dishes fill you up without feeling weighed down or over-stuffed, which is the best feeling.

Fried Chicken 042011
Fish Soup (yes, it was delicious!)
Love is in the details. Being interested in foods, cooking, and the latest food and restaurant fads, my husband & I jump on any new restaurant that comes out, especially when it's good food along with great presentations. These small beautiful plates are from a new Japanese restaurant {RAKU} that a dear couple introduced us to and we had a blast! The food is authentic and I would give it 4 stars for taste. Ambience/service is: average.

Desserts-Lava Chocolate cake, Green tea creme brulee, cheesecake


Handbags & Shoes

From Capri, Italy 2010
Bright colors are extremely popular this season. Handbags and shoes are the most important accessories associated with rounding out any outfit for fashionable ladies. I love to have a few bright color pieces in my wardrobe for those occasional days when I’m feeling down. For instance, to me bright colors {bags, shoes, scarves, belts or even a hair accessory} are ideal for the simple fact that they can uplift an ordinary outfit as well as your mood.

Ladies, although some of you still stick to the "rules" of matching your bag with the shoes – know that this actually dates your fashion-style you back to an era that doesn’t exist anymore.
My advice is DON'T DO IT! You ask: “WHY?” Because today, the modern idea is to create fresh pairings that are creative and make people think, "Wow, I never thought that would go together, but it looks phenomenal!" As a decorator, I strive for that – because it helps to widen the minds of those who are unable to get out of their comfort zone by playing with the wide variety of beautiful colors that can make us stand out and deliver a high-impact punch.
So I say, buy different types of handbags to go with your dresses, don’t pigeon hole yourself in the same style box that you have been stuck in since you took over your wardrobe choices from childhood. Your handbags and shoes should be complimentary of your look, bringing out the best of you.


Maximize a small bathroom with bold pattern and pretty details...

Aside from functionality, appearance in the loo should be just as important. Take for instance this little 6'2" x 5'5''bathroom in this apartment. It needed a little pick me up. Since it's so tiny, I wanted to make it feel like a little jewelry box. A few creative aesthetic changes including soft lighting transformed this small turd bathroom, into a cozy little room.

If you're looking for that cozy/warm feel in a room, twinkle it with candles & sparkly accents. Use silvery vessels filled with fresh flowers and anything with reflective surfaces, because such objects bounces light around the room, which fools the eye & mind into making the room feels larger. It sounds like a simple solution, but it really truly makes such an enormous difference. The goal is to create an elegant jewel box feel.

Mercury glass vases with the shimmering factor.

Photo via: West Elm

What Does Your Style Say About You?

I believe in a simple elegant style with a Pièce de résistance - whatever that may be, for each individual. {It can be a statement necklace, earring, belt, scarf, shoes, ring etc...} Because what is style? It is defined as a particular, or a distinctive manner of expression. To me style should seem effortless! Because fashion should be about expressing yourself, not keeping up with someone else.

If not, you'll find yourself tending to not know how to put yourself together, because  of being so fixated on someone else's style, instead of developing your own. Go ahead, play dress up and express yourself tastefully!



Ok, spring has sprung for the parts of the country that do experience this season. For all those who were feeling down and out must now be feeling awakened once again with the plethora of colorful spring flowers. All who know me well, know that I feel my best in the fall and winter--to me those months are the warmest seasons in design when you can cozy up with luscious fabrics and colors. If you have the winter blues,  it is your time to bounce back into the swing'o things by injecting those gorgeous colors that spring has to offer. You say, "HOW?"

Well, first and foremost you can lighten up the mood in a big way with not a lot of money by simply changing the front door of the home with a beautiful springy wreath over the door along with a nice doormat with your favorite flower.

Secondly, don't forget the yard---some colorful pillows can give some backyard chairs a facelift.

Also, some fresh spring bouquet inside the home can give it that needed freshness.