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Foodie vs. Gluttony

Grilled Duct

Being inspired by tapas {meaning little plates} from Spain, I'm pleased when restaurants feature small bites of decadence. I know we live in a country where everything is "BIG", but believe me, give these small dishes a chance. The richness of such dishes fill you up without feeling weighed down or over-stuffed, which is the best feeling.

Fried Chicken 042011
Fish Soup (yes, it was delicious!)
Love is in the details. Being interested in foods, cooking, and the latest food and restaurant fads, my husband & I jump on any new restaurant that comes out, especially when it's good food along with great presentations. These small beautiful plates are from a new Japanese restaurant {RAKU} that a dear couple introduced us to and we had a blast! The food is authentic and I would give it 4 stars for taste. Ambience/service is: average.

Desserts-Lava Chocolate cake, Green tea creme brulee, cheesecake

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