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Maximize a small bathroom with bold pattern and pretty details...

Aside from functionality, appearance in the loo should be just as important. Take for instance this little 6'2" x 5'5''bathroom in this apartment. It needed a little pick me up. Since it's so tiny, I wanted to make it feel like a little jewelry box. A few creative aesthetic changes including soft lighting transformed this small turd bathroom, into a cozy little room.

If you're looking for that cozy/warm feel in a room, twinkle it with candles & sparkly accents. Use silvery vessels filled with fresh flowers and anything with reflective surfaces, because such objects bounces light around the room, which fools the eye & mind into making the room feels larger. It sounds like a simple solution, but it really truly makes such an enormous difference. The goal is to create an elegant jewel box feel.

Mercury glass vases with the shimmering factor.

Photo via: West Elm

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