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Ok, spring has sprung for the parts of the country that do experience this season. For all those who were feeling down and out must now be feeling awakened once again with the plethora of colorful spring flowers. All who know me well, know that I feel my best in the fall and winter--to me those months are the warmest seasons in design when you can cozy up with luscious fabrics and colors. If you have the winter blues,  it is your time to bounce back into the swing'o things by injecting those gorgeous colors that spring has to offer. You say, "HOW?"

Well, first and foremost you can lighten up the mood in a big way with not a lot of money by simply changing the front door of the home with a beautiful springy wreath over the door along with a nice doormat with your favorite flower.

Secondly, don't forget the yard---some colorful pillows can give some backyard chairs a facelift.

Also, some fresh spring bouquet inside the home can give it that needed freshness. 

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