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Heavenly Crepes...

As a foodie and wine enthusiast, I love to taste my way across America to find the best tasting foods & wines, but for me the vibe & decor is just as important. Let's face it, we eat with our eyes first.

Being away from New York  {a foodie town} to Las Vegas has left me craving good food without  going broke. It is easy to find the best restaurants by world renowned chefs on the Vegas Strip but you will certainly pay for it.  What makes my posts fun is that I get to share with you some of the local charming restaurants that tourists would not know about that serve great food and have wonderful ambiance. 

This week, a friend introduced me to this crêperie called "Crepe Expectations" and I was pleasantly surprised with the decor being that it's off the strip. It's beautifully decorated and elegantly quaint...what's more, the crepes are good! The service is great and it is one of the few places that offer outside seating!

Mimosa Trio Sampler

I once read this quote that says: "We are here to love each other, serve each other and uplift each other."  I'm thrilled to serve you by sharing this gem out of the rubble with you.

Crepe Expectations has some great tasting crepes ranging from sweet to savory. The crepes are buttery, not doughy or heavy. Their whipped cream is freshly made in house. One of my favorite options on the menu is The Avalon.  It is a crepe with buttered pears, goat cheese, candied walnuts and honey...not too sweet. May I suggest you wash down those crepes with the Mimosa Trio Sampler {OMGoodness! the pomegranate, lychee & orange} was EXCELLENT! If you visit Las Vegas and try it out, please don't forget to let me know what your thoughts are on this sweet little place. 

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Why I love it so much is because it offers a plethora of options such as quaint shops, restaurants, museums, art, history, culture, fashion, entertainment, beaches...Oh my! Where do I stop? NYC is rich with attractions and distractions including subways, iconic monuments, distinctive architecture, cuisine that delights every sense,festive celebrations and colorful people. No wonder NYC is deemed the cultural capital of the world and exerts a significant impact upon everyone that visits it.

When you visit this city, you will be amazed at its colorful patchwork of street vendors selling their fruits and flowers, it's pastry shops and all of the easel-endowed artists highlighting their NYC paintings. If you are in the city at the right time of year, you will be able to participate in one of the many seasonal parades which leave most people energized and inspired.

New York City is made up of five boroughs {Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island and the Bronx} and covers 305 square miles which is home to about 8.3 million. Yes, it is the most densely populated major city in the United States, making it the most linguistically diverse city in the world - where 800 languages are spoken on a daily basis.


And when you need relaxation away from all the hustle and bustle of the city, take a pick out the 71 parks that are in Manhattan alone to read a book quietly or picnic while watching the passersby {another one of my favorite thing to do, and trust me! You will be amused}.

What I enjoy most is the diversity and the outdoor lifestyle that the city offers. It's a social city that fuels any passion. The NYC scene to me is unmatched! There's no better place to be.



Style Stalker: Kelly Ripa Fashion Flair

This season I've noticed an astonishing array of bright vivid colors ranging from tie dye and stripes to bright bags/sandals. This year’s fashion industry has raised the heat by embracing vivid colors right now. Although, I’m one that stays true to my own style that flatters me or makes me feel good; as a lover of fashion, I still find myself goggling over the latest fashion style that comes out each season. It’s simply inspirational to me. 

But, I still think having a unique style is the key to one’s sense of making an impression of who you are. And most importantly it is what makes one feel good and put some pep in your step - if you know what I mean.

Having said that, the one person that comes to mind is my favorite fashionista EVER! Kelly Ripa!

She’s a great fashion example on staying true to who she is when it comes to donning herself well. Her unique fashion sense makes everyone wanting more or at least intrigued. She stays true to her figure and who she represents by her style selection and to me, once you’re able to identify that, there’s just no stopping you from being current all the time. Her style is elegantly fluid and non-fussy with modernity, just as I like it and I know that’s what makes her stand out. If you’re one that is stuck in a fashion rut, I highly suggest taking a look at her on fashion finder on the Live with Regis and Kelly website.  I adore her! She’s the sunlight in my darkest times.

Earlier, I mentioned that this season’s fashion seems to be vividly bright…to me, that is Kelly Ripa all seasons. Fashion is very fickle, but that’s one person that doesn’t seem that way and it’s HER! No matter what’s happening with fashion whether lively or drab, Kelly Ripa brings that lively style all the time. Not only with her effervescent personality, but her poise and positive spirit always gives me the right jolt that I need...she’s just an inspirational person.

There’s just something so delightfully whimsical and personal about her that just makes me obsessed! That’s why I have stood hours on the stand-by line to see the show on numerous occasions.  I have even attended their show twice at the Wynn hotel in Las Vegas, NV. Doesn’t that tell you how obsessed I am! And you ask why?

Well, I just love to be around bubbly, positive, fun and vivacious people. Kelly is all of that and then some. Not only is she gorgeous, she seems to love to enjoy life and travel.  She is a responsible loving parent (which I didn’t have growing up).  She seems to be happy for others’ success (I despise jealous people).  She’s very witty (can be a bit sarcastic at times…not maliciously though). She’s not envious of others and is a lover of shoes (that too, is very important in my book ;) her knack of gab makes me feel normal and she’s helped me to see that there’s nothing wrong with me for engaging in lively/stimulating conversations. The list is endless as to why I admire this woman.
Kelly, if you honor me by reading my blog, please do us all a favor, get into fashion design - create your own line of clothing just like your favorite fan POSH Beckham. You can call it “PipaLiscious Couture”;). It would be FANTASTIC! You already have your “tweeples” that would die to be part of that fashion team.

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