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Why I LOVE Starbucks....

As a longtime fan of Starbucks, I am beyond thrilled to share with you one of my favorite Barista’s daily art display in a Brooklyn, NY Starbucks. To me, Starbucks is the ideal place to decompress from the heat of life for any well needed refreshments, especially in my favorite city NY! 
Cobble Hill Brooklyn, NY

My 5 reasons for loving Starbucks

Reason 5: The options to create your drinks as you wish

Reason 4: Friendly artistic Baristas (see photos )

Reason 3: The soothing d├ęcor and relaxing music to match

Reason 2: It forces even the non-socialite to socialize

Reason 1: Great customer service
I’m a bit obsessed! Want to stay cool all summer long & be a little bit more social? Take a trip to your neighborhood Starbucks and go get a sweet pick-me-up…aahh!


Sarah Jessica Parker's Fashion

SJP was currently trending and why wouldn't she?! Besides Kelly Ripa's classic, elegant timeless fashion, Sarah Jessica Parker is my other fashion icon. These two have you drool over their fashionable sense. To me, they dress like royalty ranking right in there with the Duchess Catherine Middleton. 

Although Sarah Jessica Parker (a.k.a. SJP) as of late has been keeping on the DL (but a little birdie told me that SJP might not just be sitting around sipping on margaritas all day - apparently, she's been busy quietly working to make a big bang reappearance in " I Don't Know How She Does It," due out this fall, and also a movie called "New Year's.")  Her fashionableness still reigns, and to me that's a fashion icon! That's why I will always say: "In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different and stay true to oneself." As can be seen in these photos:

I love the color combo of her shoes on the right. I used to have my bedroom in those colors years ago. Such royal colors!