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7 Ways To Declutter Your Life

It's a known fact that disorganization crowds the mind and stifles creativity. On the other hand, a beautiful space is conducive to creativity and productivity. However, before one can learn a new way of doing things, first, one has to unlearn the old way since it isn't working. So to start anew with organizing your life here are 7 ways to start the process of decluttering:

1- Self-examine: Find out what is the underlying cause of your problem. Have you given up on life & how to take care of you?

2- Happy Thoughts: Focus on things that make you happy. Then think, How can I get there again?! Now say, some affirmative words like "I deserve to have a space that makes me feel good!" This will give you permission to feel good again and is the foundation for restoring the well-being of your problem space.

3- Get Behind Me, Obstacles! As you examine your space, question any habitual thoughts that you have every time you look at the problem area. Believe it or not, if you dig deep on the inside, it will reveal why your space got out of control. It will also help you to begin to off-load old patterns of doing things. For example, backtrack to when the room or space started looking like this. What was happening in your life at that time? Now think of three reasons why it's silly holding on to those old issues that are overcrowding your life currently. Your brain will slowly begin to let it go. No, it will not be done overnight, this is progressive healing.

4- Time is Money: Clutter makes you waste money & time. How is your clutter wasting your time? Think about it. It takes time to handle things, to arrange them, to use them, to clean them, to store them, to look for them. More things require more time. Working in a room or a house that is crowded with STUFF is more time-consuming and frustrating. Additionally, as more and more things accumulate, the time required to find a needed item increases.

Housekeeping experts say that almost half the time people spend cleaning is wasted in “handling, getting around, and moving clutter and litter out of the way.” The situation is likely the same in other areas of life. So if you wish to make better use of your time, take a close look at your surroundings. Is clutter taking up your space, limiting your movement, and, worst of all, wasting your time? If so, cut down on the clutter.

5- Avoid Procrastination: Understandably at times, our physical and emotional state may require that we postpone some or even all of our work. Everyone needs an occasional break from the day-to-day routine. However, procrastination is a different matter; because it steals precious time which can't be regained. Avoid the trap of passing time/hours of tv watching, waiting to the last minute to cram in too much in a day...which can be overwhelming and will likely fail in getting anything done.

6- Take Action: First, take an inventory of what needs to stay and what needs to GO. Then strategize on a plan of attack by taking 15 minutes or so daily to chip at the clutter. Getting rid of clutter may not be easy. Throwing out cherished but unneeded items can be painful—almost like losing a good friend. So how can you decide whether to keep an item or to get rid of it? Use the one-year rule. If you have not used something for a year, discard it. Keep in mind your objective is to reduce clutter and to make better use of your time.  This is going to require hard work and determination. When you hit a roadblock so-to-speak, go back to step 2.

Quick Tip: Play your favorite music in the background while working on the room. It will keep the motivation high. That's what keeps me going when I find myself unmotivated. And remember, to succeed, you must work hard!

7- Solution Motivates: When we finally find the solution to a problem, we find ourselves more motivated to take the next step. We only succeed if we try and push beyond our comfort zone and learn the things not to hold on to. I say to regain your life because, without it, you're a dead man walking! Get your GUSTO BACK! You will find satisfaction in a job well done. Surprise yourself. You can do it!