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Farewell Regis Philbin - Save the last dance for me

Almost two decades ago, I started getting into watching Regis on TV. I remember saying "what a good looking man with a unique radio voice - he's special!"


Regis always stood out among his television peers, ranging from subject matter to poise and class. I was reeled in by the variety of actors he interviewed each day and the manner he did the interviews.  They were always done in a classy, yet funny way.
But for me, I really started to truly fall in love with Regis when the peppy Kelly Ripa joined him at the co-host desk. I think we all started seeing a side of Regis that was underwrap for many years. The feisty, energetic, and even funnier Regis. 
I think Kelly Ripa freed him from his conservative side. 
Than Reege became the self-proclaimed
"Mr. Satisfaction"
Then I (and more of America) became hooked on the show even more just to see the banter between the two together.

When Regis announced he was "moving on" out of the show, I was so saddened and quickly put it out of my head, hoping that he'd change his mind. But, now with this new season of Regis's Farewell show - it's all getting to be real now. (SAD)

Well, Regis or should I say "Big Daddy Reege", what are we going to do without you on the side of our gorgeous Kelly Ripa? I am going to miss:

Regis with his Emmy Award AT LAST!

* Listening to your getting lost stories at movie theatres.
* Your maps explaining your lost adventures around your block taking Joy shopping.
* All the surgery and medical updates.
* Sleeping with your hose.
* The sports updates (Yankees or Notre Dame).
* All the lost luggage stories.
* The visits of "winds of war".
* Your reminiscing about legends of yesteryear.
* The antagonizing of innocent Gelman.
* Updates on "Mr.Trouble and lady Ivy"
* Another thing I will miss hearing Regis reminisce about is his cat

Regis and his beloved Ashlee the cat

Filling your shoes, although dainty will be a HUGE feat! Your stool isn't just a stool - it will take a bionic man to fill that stool;)

Your "moving on" is like being told that all starbucks coffee shops are closing DOWN! For starbuck fans like me, that would be devasting! Hope to see you back on LIVE! real soon as a guest to promote your new book. I think it would make things fun and interesting if Gelman co-hosted with Kelly for that one. So, Regis, I wish you all the best in your new endeavors. Your sexy raspy distinctive voice has mesmerized and energized me every morning.  Hats Off To You! I will miss you!


Regis, time to go spend and enjoy your hard earned millions!! :)

My Favorite Host Chat Of Regis and Joy Philbin EVER!

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