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First and foremost, I don't want to come across as narcissistic by posting pictures of myself.  However, I've been asked to do this for years by so many people, including the hubby.  Although I enjoy styling others’ outfits or their homes, those that know me well, know that I hate seeing pictures of myself. But this year I've reached the age, where I'm starting to say to myself "if not now, when? I might never get a chance again and regret it later..." And it's such a nice to look back and see how far one has come. I also wanted to show how to put together some effortless outfits from some of my favorite boutiques and stores. So, here's one style option taken with my Blackberry phone:

There's nothing more classic than a crisp tailored white shirt. I feel it gives trousers and skirts a polished look. It feels very feminine, especially with the ruffle detail at the collar. I'm never afraid of mixing an old classic with current trends... I'm forever giving things my own twist.

More options to come...

What I'm wearing:

* White-tie-ruffle-collar shirt and black Rayon/spandex Gap skirt with side zipper.
* Three-strands bronze faceted necklace by Bijoux
Bronze gold shoes by Steve Madden
* Leopard belt 
Sunglasses from Ulta

 ~There are two kinds of people in the world. The ones that go after what they want and everybody else.~


Designs That Inspire Me

Kerri Russell's Dining room via Elle Decor

I am most inspired by beautiful design. I always experience healing and joy perusing different design and fashion Magazines. Being surrounded by beautiful things and people inspire my creative mind and sharpen my vision. Here are some of what I’m swooning over this week:

Use of mirror makes a space appear larger

Chocolate Brown creates warmth...

Zebra-Liscious - very exotic.

Kerri Russell's Living - via Elle Decor

A well-designed room should always have a natural element in it...

Inspiration is defined as: "A stimulation or arousal of the mind and feelings to special or unusual activity and creativity, or someone/something that causes this state...

When feeling unmotivated - surround yourself with what triggers that happiness in you. Enjoy!


Fashion and Design Go Hand in Hand

Ok, I thought I was the only one who kept a fashion calendar, but I recently saw this new show FASHION HUNTERS, and the store manager said that "she's always kept a fashion calendar." I love fashion and design sooo much, I find myself with binders and notebooks loaded with clippings of my favorite fashion, design styles, and quotes that inspire me. When I'm feeling low, I look at them for motivation and a pick me up like a cup of coffee would do for most people. Fashion and design are about what makes you feel good from inside out. 

Especially now more than ever, I find myself looking almost on a daily basis for a little pick me up... as I've been affected by the economic downturn. I've been on the prowl looking for the right gig. I would love something either in fashion or interior design since that is my passion - expressing my creativity not only brings out my potential but fuels my soul. I'm obsessed with this new show right now {Fashion Hunters show}. It reminds me of when I used to be an assistant manager and window dresser at a high-end consignment boutique called "Chez Suzanne" in Syosset, NY, where we consigned many haute couture including some of the clothes from the cast of "Dawson's Creek". {Remember that show? Where are our simple girl next door Katie Holmes made her way into our homes and apparently into Tom Cruise's heart;}. I had so much fun at that job! The best part was trying on fashionable well-made clothes and shoes throughout the day. 

They say, put your desires out there and you never know how far it can reach. Well, here it is. I'm putting it out there. Let's see what happens. Hoping for the best!

In the meantime, here are some of my favorite home fashion picks this week from my design hunting:

Glass Chandelier

An exquisitely electrifying blue chair at a hotel + an amazing Mediterranean glazed urn.


M.A.C Cosmetics Glam Makeover

I usually do not wear makeup except for loose powder to keep the shine away, but today after attending a trendy Posh MAC Cosmetics Event at Town Center in Las Vegas and receiving a free MAC-over session for their new fall colors, I am a new MAC convert!

The Event featured their new fall colors showcasing the variety of hues they have. The many options allow for creativity, limited only by your imagination.

On my Design and Fashion blog, I often talk about how important accessories are to add that finishing touch to make an outfit stand out, but now, I must say, a well-prepared face adds beauty and sophistication to your look.

I think I represent the average woman's face {as opposed to a recognized model for MAC makeup}. Granted, it was not a complete make-over package with hair & fashion but, you can note using some of MAC’s fall 2011 color collection, I think the makeup application came out good. This fall it seems like it's all about a polished smoky/cat-eye warm look. 

Make-up was done by: Araceli & Michelle at the Town Square Las Vegas, NV locale

Take a look at my picks of M.A.C’s fall 2011 color collection :

Make-up Choice: Studio fix powder plus foundation helps create a flawless finish, while the sheer tone shimmer blush in plum foolery defines the cheekbones in a very glistening way. Meanwhile, the M.A.C zoom lash lengthens and volumizes the eyelashes for a dramatic opening of the eye effect. She completed the look with M.A.C pro longer wear lipgloss in 'showing me'!

*Note: This was not a sponsored post. I shelled out a pretty good penny on my collection here (that's just been sitting in my bathroom drawer). The story of my life. 🙃