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Designs That Inspire Me....

I am most inspired by beautiful design. I always experience healing and joy perusing different design & fashion Magazines. Being surrounded by beautiful people or things inspire my creative mind and sharpens my vision. Here are some of them:

Kerri Russell's Dining room

Use of mirror makes a space appear larger

Chocolate Brown creates warmth...

Zebra-Liscious - very exotic.

Kerri Russell's Living - Courtesy of Elle

A well-designed room should always have a natural element in it...

Inspiration is defined as: "A stimulation or arousal of the mind and feelings to special or unusual activity and creativity, or someone/something that causes this state....

When feeling unmotivated - surround yourself with what triggers that happiness in you. Enjoy!

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  1. My favorite was the first photo. Inspired me ! Great post.

    Btw check out my blog, Smile! Creative ways to improve your mood, starring YOU ! lol