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Fashion Week Fake Out

Whilst feeling bummed about missing NY Fashion Week this year, I bandaged my saddened heart with a trip to the Wynn Hotel's glitzy stores of everything exotic and glamorous while in Las Vegas. The shop displays are just exquitisitely attractive. It's like being at fashion week constantly.

                         Credit: Wynn Hotel ~ Las Vegas, NV

Talk about upgrading an ensemble with the power of Haute Couture Jewelry. I love glamour and these pieces sure will make any woman feel like a celebrity. These beautiful glittery jewelry collections sure will make an outfit scream "GLAMOROUS!"
These blingy pieces are chic and can amp up any outfit. These collections sure add something exotic to their display box.

The ladies I see wearing these exquisite pieces: Kelly Ripa, Sara Jessica Parker (a.k.a SJP), Victoria Beckam (a.k.a Posh Spice) Blake Lively.
Credit: Wynn Hotel ~ Las Vegas, NV

Last Year Fashion Week Moment interviews:

Kardashians' 2010 Fashion Display - Soho, NY

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