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Gaga for shoes!!

I am so EXCITED to see a lot of platform shoes and booties struting the runways this year. Although I stay true to what I feel good in and works for my personal style, I'm still glad to see that I'll be back in style with my old platform & booties that I didn't chuck when they phased out of style seasons ago. I think they're timeless. They're easy to walk in, they make you feel taller (especially, if you're vertically challenged as I am), and they add that jazzy funky look! If you're always in heels like me, they're very practical, because they're not tough to walk in all day as the platform gives you support and complete balance.

The ferrari of shoes! - I went into an epileptic shock when I saw this Versace shoe.

Great Ankle boot to wear with trouser - YUM!

Topshop Pioneer Suede Booties
I also want to acknowledge some of my friends that'll say: "I WOULD BREAK MY NECK IN THEM THINGS!" It's true that not all trends are created equal or a good fit for everyone - even if it's the LATEST from the runway.

I have found some women who can't handle the height of platform shoes are more apt to give wedges a chance. Understandably so, since wedges are often made of cork which make them more comfortable than typical platform shoes with heels and they also give some height.

Beyond The Rack Redkiss Shoe Collection or can also be found on Ebay

Do you want to change your mood? Put your favorite pair of  high heels on!

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