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One of a kind...

What was meant to be a day of browsing turned out to be yet another day of scoring some good fashionable items at my local boutiques. I've never been a mall girl. For some reason I've always found it to be too generic, crowded, stuffy and uninspiring. I love to be unique and different, so shopping at boutiques has always been a way for me to develop and explore my creativity by putting one of a kind ensembles together that is bound to have people asking "where did you get that?"  {This always puts a smile on my face:} - confirming that my creative mind once again, didn't lead me astray.

On this outing, I scored these two vintage belts and a couple of other cool jewelry pieces.

When it comes to style, if you want to have a field day getting a fashion fix all your own, I suggest checking your local boutiques.  Boutiques specialize in hand made one of-a-kind items that will make you definitely stand out as different (in a chic way). Yes, at times some boutique finds can be a bit pricey, but there are times you can find some great deals. Especially when it's time to change the seasonal items.

I'll be putting together some new get-ups from these new fashion finds. Will post them soon!

~ "Fashion is about expressing yourself." Happy boutique'in;) ~

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