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Jealousy is defined as resentment against a rival or resentment against a person enjoying success and advantages.  It is also defined as fear of a rival.  Jealousy is such an intense emotion that it can make a person feel anxious, sad, or angry. We may experience jealousy when someone appears to be more successful at a task than we are. Or we may feel jealous when a friend receives more praise than we do. People overcome by jealousy tend to be suspicious of potential "rivals."

The way people tend to "get back" at those they're envious about is by withholding commendation when it's well-deserved. They may think that's a way to stop someone else's success or acknowledgments, but they do not realize by doing this it is cheating oneself.  All you're doing is creating unnecessary bile in your system towards someone that might not even be aware of your hostility or envy towards them - which means you're holding back your own happiness by holding this ill feeling on the inside.  In the meantime, you are losing out on each passing moment of happiness for as long as you remain this way. It's like drinking poison and expecting the other person to be hurt and/or die.

I'm writing about this not because I'm an expert on the subject, but I've observed the effect it has had on those that are jealous of others and boy, it is not a pretty characteristic for one to have. 

Why should we care about all of this you in the first place, you ask? Simply because of what medical reports have indicated. Reports indicate that anger and hostility can become triggers for strokes and heart attacks. Recently, a medical journal when speaking of people with heart disease compared explosive anger to poison. The journal also stated that "getting really mad can mean getting really sick." Think about that the next time you're feeling jealous...

My advice: be happy for others!  If you admire them, commend them and you will find what you admire can become a part of you. 


Gift Ideas...My Top Four Picks

Treat yourself or your loved ones to these fashionable sparkly gifts... all under $30.00. When the temperatures are low, there's no better way to warm up someone than by a beautiful unexpected gift.
Rose gold seems to be the hottest in jewelry trends of the moment. The great thing about rose gold jewelry, is that it looks good on any skin tone… which means it makes a perfect universal gift to anyone.

Here's why I think this "Y" necklace would make a perfect gift. As we get into these colder temperatures... turtle necks and sweaters become part of daily wear. There's no better way to dress up these outfits than with a sparkly Swarovski dangle necklace... which will give a rather plain outfit that trendy attractive finish.

This silver pendant is such a sweet gift to a family member. It is a statement piece that will become an heirloom for years to come.
Last but not least, dangle earrings give drama and evoke elegance. This beautiful sterling silver pair of Swarovski crystal balls would work well with a neutral color metallic sequin style dress or top.  Make it a staple piece in your wardrobe.

------ Style it with: ------

Wishing you much Sun in your Sunday! Enjoy


~ Just The Little Things ~

Your dressing room whether small or grand should be viewed as if it were a super star's backstage dressing room. Thinking that way will motivate you to have the desire to have the room look it's best no matter your budget. Never think you can't have a beautiful space just because you're not "rich".


*Dresser top before*

*Dresser top after*

The dresser in the closet or bedroom is the central piece of furniture where we put on our finishing touches like jewelry. It's really the space where we begin our day, and how we start our day usually fuels our energy level throughout it. Decorating the vanity/dresser area can give an entire dressing room a personal touch and make it beautiful...making you feel like the star that you are!  So, if you are guilty of working with a messy closet or dresser vanity, why not let today be the last day that you're cheating yourself from feeling beautiful. Let it reflect the style and taste of the person you truly are.

It's really all about the little things.  Start by clearing out the existing area, then add items that make you feel beautiful, such as fresh flowers in a cute vase or a favorite picture or quote that makes you feel good. To add elegance you can add a nice tray or mirror filled with your favorite scents.
~ Sometimes it's those small things that make life spectacular. ~

If this post has given you some ideas, please share them with me by emailing me some pictures of your before and after vanity/dresser makeovers.

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My Favorite Autumn Food Indulgences

I love Autumn not only for the crisp weather and beautiful colorful trees that it brings, but also for all the comforting foods that come with it (along with the shameless gorging). Here are some of my favorite Autumn indulgences that make me all fuzzy inside:

1. Eggnog - especially my version;) mix half carton of Eggnog with equal parts tequila or vanilla flavored rum.

2. Pumpkin Pie - I have a thing for velvety smooth creamy desserts and a well-made pumpkin pie isn't short of that. Hey, did you know: the name pumpkin originated from the Greek word "Pep├Án" meaning "large melon"?

3. Starbucks Cranberry Bliss Bar - is good for when you're looking for a sugar rush. Again, another creamy gooey goodness dessert snack.

4. Starbucks Caramel Apple Cider - that well-needed hot drink on a cold fall morning, and it is very smooth with cream added. I actually have made it at home. Below is my version:

*Recipe/Ingredients: Steam some apple juice in your favorite cup with some cinnamon syrup {to your liking} and top with whipped cream and caramel drizzle.
*Calories: about 179 - 200 {SO WHAT?! WHO CARES?! lol...mimicking Kelly Ripa}
*Nutritional Value: A happy heart;)

5. Starbucks salted hot chocolate - although my favorite, I don't get it too often because this seasonal drink my friend has a whopping 450 calories!  I actually only had this beverage once this season, but I had them make me a "skinny" it wasn't too sweet and was a little more "figure friendly". I know, if you're going to indulge... you might as well GO ALL THE WAY! ...{once again, mimicking my Kelly & Regis:}, however, I'm not supposed to have chocolate AT ALL, but during the fall I find myself surrendering to this richly smooth decadence at the crack house {a.k.a. Starbucks}.

*Now, excuse me while I go do some cardio - soulcycle here I come!;)*

What are your favorite indulgences during the fall season?


...Understand the Unspoken Language of Emotion

Being tactful is called an ART. It is something that we're not born with, but we need and must cultivate this quality if we want to be kind. It first starts by being observant. This means analyzing the signs that indicate the feelings of the person we are speaking with asking ourselves: "why are they saying this? or reacting that way? Is it because the person is timid, skeptical, annoyed, or busy? Does he feel insulted, ignored, or misunderstood? How could kindness make him feel better? Perceiving people's feelings will help discern how best to treat them kindly. So, our success in being tactful is to observe how people feel and then to respond compassionately. No, that does not mean you're a "wuss, weak" actually shows STRENGTH!

Show Understanding

People like to feel that you understand their viewpoint even if you do not agree with it. So,when a person speaks of some problem, rather than offering a solution before hearing the matter out, a tactful way of showing that you understand is to repeat the problem or complaint in your own words. This is a kind way of showing that you understand.

Recognize What Not to Say

Tact includes kindly recognizing what not to say. Sometimes, it's best not to say the first thing that comes to mind. {I am working on that as well...;} Being Brutally honest can be RUDE and inconsiderate! Definitely not attractive. {Kindness is fashionable - soon, I will be sharing something exciting on that with you, and I'm going to need your help and support;}

Replace your Speech With Words That Heal

Learning the art of tactful speech will help you to enjoy happy relations with others, even when someone has misunderstood your motives and is bitter and resentful. Try always to consider how your words will affect other people. Making the effort to be tactful will help you to experience the joy of this proverbial saying:

"O how good and how wonderful it is to be able to say the right thing at the right time!"
Photo Courtesy of * DSev101


The Newbie Blogger

Hello Blogging World!!! Happy Sunday! As a way of introduction, My name is Rebecca {a.k.a. DaFashionista} I am an interior designer, fashion consultant, foodie and now blogger {*sigh*...this is unchartered waters for me, so the face of this blog will be constantly changing as I learn how to work it... which has been a real challenge.} who thrives on inspiring others through beautiful interiors, fashion, food, travels, and advice.

I will be using this blog as a creative outlet to share many of my passions in life with the hope of inspiring others at the same time. Warning in advance- it's a work in progress, so expect some mediocre postings and fuzzy pictures until I get the hang of this new platform! Hopefully, you will not let my learning curve on this blog, cloud your judgment of my true work. More to come! Will blog soon!!

"Strength does not lie in what you have. It lies in what you can give."



Show Yourselves Thankful All The Time

I wanted to go dark and moody, but to offset the mustard and russet colored dishes, I used the white gold trim china plates on top for a bit of brightness and luxe. The crystal gold-trimmed glasses reflected the tiniest bit of light... giving that subtle sparkle adding to the ambience of the tablescape. 

Cocktail party tablescape

Beautiful tablescapes are one of those things that bring me lots of joy. Fall colors are even much more heartwarming to me as the vivid colors bring me "ALIVE!" lol... That's why I always find ways to share meals with others throughout the year as often as I can.

Sadly, we live in unthankful world for the most part. That's why it's important to show ourselves thankful all the time... for it has a tremendous positive value in helping to cope with daily problems, especially stress, and to achieve a positive sense of self.

We all want people to love us. Being known as a generous kind person {all the time, especially in these tough economic times} not only will we be loved in return by many, but we will always be remembered for all the good things we do for them... which results in happiness. Talking about that makes me remember the adage: "there's more happiness to give than to receive..." And I've always tried to live by that, that's why you'll find me trying to be a happy giver throughout the year, instead of being coerced into a begrudging giver just the one time of the year.

"Gratitude is the open door to abundance."


Let Purple Reign in Your Fashion

Purple Jacket (old),  Red Mesh blouse c/o Anahi,  Jeans by Salt Works (My most reasonably priced jeans, yet the most comfortable.), Bronze metal belt with crystal embellishments from Chico's, Sandals by Steve Madden (also shown here), Bracelet by Joan Rivers {also shown here}... mixed with gold bangles,  Glass white ring with purple and gold zigzags, Glass transparent purple and blue pendant earrings {I don't remember where I got them}

I don't consider myself a seasonal or a trendy person, but I'm very big on a darker palette this fall. On a day when you feel low... I suggest uplifting your spirit by using some bold colors in your fashion and as well as in your home.

The handbag is also seen here

This high-energy duo takes advantage of a beautiful mixture of colors, but make sure to keep the ensemble predominantly in one shade so as not to appear garish...tone it down by mixing in the blue jeans or a neutral color.

Accentuating your appearance with the right color shade for you enlivens your complexion. For instance, I find purple and some coral colors work good with my skin tone.   Sometimes I use other shades ranging from golden to caramel to auburn.

~ Don’t be afraid to create something beautiful out of something unexpected! ~


Pacific Coast Highway Adventure

How does one stay sane in a world full of chaos and pain?  I say "VACATION!"  because it can prove to be of outstanding value since it's a reprieve from the normal conundrum of life. That's why we're constantly on the go. Getting away that is.

We were overdue for a much-needed getaway, so the hubby and I decided to go to San Francisco and Santa Monica, CA.  One of our dreams was to do a drive from San Francisco down to Santa Monica on Pacific Coast Highway 1, so we did, and here's what happened. It was a long drive but scenic - helping us appreciate how beautiful this country is. I thought I'd share some of this road trip with you.

A funny story {that wasn't funny at the time} is while we're going up the winding Highway 1  alongside the ocean cliffs and jagged tall rock mountains enjoying the beautiful scenery,  I noticed the husband looking at the gas needle gauge, cause mind you, we've been driving for hours. So, I peeked and realized we were at 1/4 of a tank of gas. Meanwhile, all you can see is just an unending winding road, ocean down below, and no cellphone service. I can see/sense panic in the hubby's face and body-language - which of course started making me nervous.

Yep, we went over that cool looking bridge in the far distance on the right. Much scarier in person.
Do you see that curve around the mountain there? That's the windy highway:)

Worse yet, when we tried to locate a gas station on our GPS, it showed that the nearest one was 50 miles away. As we kept on driving  and watching the gas needle drop almost to empty, I started praying for a gas station to appear {to which I'm sure the hubby was doing the same thing} although it seemed impossible, but at the same time my mind was doing this: "I'm sure God won't let us be stranded...we're going to be stuck in the middle of nowhere - possibly getting eaten by a black bear..."
Photo by:
{at least I thought. You see, I have an overactive imagination & it usually runs wild}. We had no clue how we would get in touch with roadside assistance since our cellphones were without service and if we did somehow get to call for assistance, how long would they take to come? Would they EVER find us? It was already past 4pm and the sun was setting quickly. We needed a miracle!

As we continued along with anxious hearts watching our needle gauge dropping to red, and dreadfully waiting for the truck to sputter to a halt...we turned around one more windy road to our pleasant surprise: with smiles and relief,  a little gas-station appeared in the middle of nowhere! 

Hubby: "once again, all smiles and look relieved."
Me: "I knew that God wasn't going to leave us stranded here tonight."

Miracle you say?  YES!!  Now, upon seeing the no-namer gas-station, the new worry was {at least in my head}: "will this gas get us to our next destination without konking out our SUV?"

Sure enough, after a few miles of driving, the car started sputtering as it was going to choke on bootleg gas...I was like, oh Noooo!  The hubby pressed on the gas for it to keep on going, and it did. Vacation was wonderful again as we continued to admire the beautiful Pacific Coast Highway 1 to Santa Barbara and Santa Monica, CA {which was fun!}...So we made it to our next destination safe and sound AND HAPPY! 

Oh man, it certainly made the trip a little bit more adventurous FOR SURE! lol

~ "Pleasant sights give happiness and health..."  ~
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Dine at Pier9 in Hell's Kitchen

Happy Friday everyone! I am SO excited to share with you this great little restaurant called Pier9 .The hubby & I stumbled upon it recently while taking a stroll in Hell's Kitchen.  Yes, there's an area in NYC called "Hell's Kitchen".

The Bar - which looks much better in person

We decided to give this place a try, especially upon seeing it was a seafood joint. {We LOVE seafood & it's almost impossible to find a bad seafood place in NYC}. It had great indoor/outdoor seating which we love {great for people watching}. When entering into the restaurant, you are greeted by decor that is very stylishly done in a loungy type vibe with some vibrant accents and a well-laid out bar design. I must say, that things got even better when the food got served, the oysters, clams and calamari basket are fresh and tasty. I highly suggest their non-traditional lobster mac-n-cheese - it is sensational! Of particular interest are the drinks & desserts. Hmmmm hmmmm hmmm hmmmm hmmm! {I wish my camera took better pictures, but you'll get a sample with the few pics I took}.

Yummy Oysters


Crab & Shitake Arancini

For those who know little about about Hell's Kitchen {be assured we're not talking about Gordon Ramsay's show Hell's Kitchen}, here's a quick sinapsis of the historical story of Hell's Kitchen {former home to Alicia Keys}. It's an area of Midtown West...spanning roughly from West 34th to 59th Streets and from 8th Avenue to the Hudson River where you'll find dozens of eclectic and interesting restaurants. Learn more here.

Care shows in the details.

Some of the reasons why this place has been added to my repertoire of favorite restaurants is not only because I love food {GREAT food that is;}, but I am a self-proclaimed foodie. Besides having a passion for fashion, fashionable food is my other passion...YES! Pier9 put thought into the  details in the way they plate the food and the service is pleasant. I strongly feel that food tastes way better if it's well-plated {I know, I'm one of those weird ones;}.

That's why when I entertain, I put as much into the details of plating the food just as much as I put on the table setting. I watch chopped, foodnetwork stars, and any other cooking shows whenever I can. I read cookbooks along with my fashion/and design books just the same. Most of the time, the hubby and I don't think twice spending a decent amount to go to fine restaurants for the experience...I guess, you'd say it's one of our guilty pleasures. This restaurant we stumbled upon isn't "fine dining" per say, but it will not leave your palate, stomach or pocket disappointed for that matter. 

Price ranges: $$
Service is: **** (4 stars)
Ambience: stylishly relaxed
Attire: Casual

Please share your thoughts of your experience at Pier9 or any of your personal favorite restaurants by commenting on the blog.  Thanks for reading AND

~Happy Weekend! ~

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Real Person Casual Fall Fashion vs Current Celebrity Fall Fashion

*Grey H&M tweed Vest with black satin back //*Black long necklace and earrings set with precious stone handmade from Mexico - thanks Norma;)//*Watch with marcasite {from NY&Co.} //*Marble stone silver ring from Macy*s//*Black Swarovski crystal wood & beads Fleur de lis bracelet from Sisi Amber//*Skinny Jeans with side ankle zippers from the Gap also featured here//*Cream-colored H&M top//*Leopard print Shoes by Carrini {bought aeons ago at a leather shoe store at the fashion district in NYC}//*Aldo metallic clutch.

Fall often proves to be a challenging time for our wardrobes. Although the temperatures have dropped, heavy outerwear isn't a total necessity yet.  However it is nippy enough for layering {which is one of my favorite things!}. Here's one of my favorite transitional "real person" street-style favorite outfits that's comfortable while not sacrificing style.

I love playing with proportions when it comes to my style just as I do in design. Since it's a little chilly, I went with a multilayered look by starting with the cream-colored bias-cut top using the vest as a light overcoat paired with the skinny pant jeans {I'd like to think of it as "fashion meets function"}. This season seems to be about wearing the oversize vest, so I'd like to think that my fashion choice here is keeping with the current trend {although I'm not one that tries to keep up with the trends as I've mentioned here}. Adding an unexpected punch are the animal print booties which I feel elevated the outfit a notch, and is way much more fun!




Embrace The Fall Through Colors

Fall is my favorite season for so many reasons. The warm fall colors, the crisp weather that makes breathing much more pleasant, and the fragrance of everything that says "fall is in the air".  Fragrances such as pumpkin soup, pumpkin pies, seasonal candles etc...I imagine that's why I always tend to go for earth tones and warm hues in a home.

Remember, your home nurtures you, so if you decorate with what makes your heart go pitter patter - then you're guaranteed to always say "aah! when you walk in every time.

Red-orange, pumpkin and terra cotta colors can be complex colors, but are warm and welcoming. These colors work beautifully with cool colors as yellow, green and blues (if you're into those hues).

These hues also work very well in a dining room , for they envelop a room as it were, and flatter guests with the glow they give to a room. So, don't be paralyzed when it comes to decorating.

Here are some strategies that I have found to work with clients that find themselves paralyzed when it comes to choosing a color.

*Think and try to picture the upside or downside of doing nothing. You lose if you do nothing. You would never know what your abilities are. The upside of trying?  You might be surprised at what you are able to create giving you confidence.
*Visualize in your mind what will make you feel good in your living space and incorporate it in your home.
*Don't expect perfection...

~ Luxury is about creating a space that brings you enjoyment ~

**I CAN'T WAIT to get a better camera, because these pictures taken with my little cheesy Sony Cyber-Shot (I apologize to the creator of the camera, but it doesn't take quality pictures) certainly doesn't do my after pictures justice. But I still want to share the ideas with you.**