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Dine at Pier9 in Hell's Kitchen

Happy Friday everyone! I am SO excited to share with you this great little restaurant called Pier9 .The hubby & I stumbled upon it recently while taking a stroll in Hell's Kitchen.  Yes, there's an area in NYC called "Hell's Kitchen".


The Bar - which looks much better in person

We decided to give this place a try, especially upon seeing it was a seafood joint. {We LOVE seafood & it's almost impossible to find a bad seafood place in NYC}. It had great indoor/outdoor seating which we love {great for people watching}. When entering into the restaurant, you are greeted by decor that is very stylishly done in a loungy type vibe with some vibrant accents and a well-laid out bar design. I must say, that things got even better when the food got served, the oysters, clams and calamari basket are fresh and tasty. I highly suggest their non-traditional lobster mac-n-cheese - it is sensational! Of particular interest are the drinks & desserts. Hmmmm hmmmm hmmm hmmmm hmmm! {I wish my camera took better pictures, but you'll get a sample with the few pics I took}.

Yummy Oysters


Crab & Shitake Arancini

For those who know little about about Hell's Kitchen {be assured we're not talking about Gordon Ramsay's show Hell's Kitchen}, here's a quick sinapsis of the historical story of Hell's Kitchen {former home to Alicia Keys}. It's an area of Midtown West...spanning roughly from West 34th to 59th Streets and from 8th Avenue to the Hudson River where you'll find dozens of eclectic and interesting restaurants. Learn more here.

Care shows in the details.

Some of the reasons why this place has been added to my repertoire of favorite restaurants is not only because I love food {GREAT food that is;}, but I am a self-proclaimed foodie. Besides having a passion for fashion, fashionable food is my other passion...YES! Pier9 put thought into the  details in the way they plate the food and the service is pleasant. I strongly feel that food tastes way better if it's well-plated {I know, I'm one of those weird ones;}.

That's why when I entertain, I put as much into the details of plating the food just as much as I put on the table setting. I watch chopped, foodnetwork stars, and any other cooking shows whenever I can. I read cookbooks along with my fashion/and design books just the same. Most of the time, the hubby and I don't think twice spending a decent amount to go to fine restaurants for the experience...I guess, you'd say it's one of our guilty pleasures. This restaurant we stumbled upon isn't "fine dining" per say, but it will not leave your palate, stomach or pocket disappointed for that matter. 

Price ranges: $$
Service is: **** (4 stars)
Ambience: stylishly relaxed
Attire: Casual

Please share your thoughts of your experience at Pier9 or any of your personal favorite restaurants by commenting on the blog.  Thanks for reading AND

~Happy Weekend! ~

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