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From Trash To Posh...

With the economic downturn, it has made people more resourceful on what they spend their cash on these days. This means some people are more careful with their budget and are spending less money on expensive furniture and more apt to DIY projects either using what they already own, or what they've found on the curb or thrift shops.


These bronze draw pulls were spray painted in a matte chrome finish - which gives them a modern look.

Case in point is this dresser piece that a friend was about to put out on the curb {cause she was fed up with it}, but I convinced her that I could turn it into something desirable with a little bit of "elbow grease." I was so thrilled when she agreed for me to do the project!  I went crazy taking out the drawers and draw pulls that I forgot to take the full before shots {as the sun was quickly setting on us}. That's why I don't have the full before picture, but with the ones I took... I'm sure you will still see what it looked like before. It was not to 'Posh'.

We ran to the store to get sandpaper blocks and spray paint. Within an hour plus time, I had this dresser transformed into a posh piece for a total of $20. I've been refurbishing furniture for years now and I never look at curbside furniture as a lost cause or trash, because I always see potential in everything and anything.  Nothing is EVER as it appears;) Someone's trash can be your treasure if you look at things with fresh eyes.

So if you have a piece of furniture that “serves you well,” and don't have the cash to buy that fancy piece of furniture you'd like to replace it with, don't be afraid to roll up your sleeves and give it a little cosmetic love that it deserves with a little paint.

Things You'll Need:
I apologize that I don't have the pictures of these items. I will next time.
* Sandpaper - I used a small sized block with fine grit. (Sold at any home improvement stores)
* An old white T-shirt for wiping the furniture after sanding it.
* White Spray paint in semi-gloss.
* I already had the blue/teal paint - which I think woke-up the piece. You can use     whatever leftover paint you may have as an accent color.

Note: When you sand the furniture, make sure to go with the grain of wood {in this case it wasn't real wood, so I used a fine grit sandpaper it a light sanding to create a porous surface for the paint to penetrate well.} This will give you a smooth finish once you spray paint the furniture.

...Curbside coffee table transformed to a fresh new look
To be continued....

Thoughts anyone? Please share your comments;)

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