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Gray - Come Out & Play

I once read that the color Gray is a color of intellect, knowledge and wisdom. Well, let me tell you I sure wasn't feeling intellectual, knowledgeable or wise in this outfit.  I just find gray to be a classicly refined, and a perfect neutral to any slacks.

It was just an ordinary day with the hubby visiting different design and fashion shops in San Francisco, CA. This week, I stepped out my comfort zone by the post here.  It was incredibly freeing since it's been one of my apprehensions for years, but I have to say it feels like it's opening my world to new possibilities that I've been blocking due to fear!  For one thing so far, it's given me a new sense of confidence and getting me out of a vicious rut that I've been in for a long time now.

These Madden Girl shoes aren't for long-term walking

Song in my head: Michael Jackson Hold My Hand 

Today, I received a newsletter from Oprah's lifeclass that says: "When you do something new and unexpected, it opens up space in your life. What will you do that you've never had the courage to do before?" And that's what I'm hoping to do here, so I'll need everyone's support that's reading this by sharing your thoughts.

What I'm Wearing:
*Grey blazer by Breakin'Loose
*Cluster silver necklace by Daisy Fuentes
*Skinny Jeans with side ankle zippers from the Gap
*Silk blouse with multi-colored rhinestones by B.L.E.U.
*Shoes by Madden Girl
*Grey Bag by Marc Jacobs {I have had this bag 3 years}.
* Grey Fedora hat a NYC find.

~ I say,  "Appreciate yourself and honor your soul. ~

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