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~ Just The Little Things ~

Your dressing room whether small or grand should be viewed as if it were a super star's backstage dressing room. Thinking that way will motivate you to have the desire to have the room look it's best no matter your budget. Never think you can't have a beautiful space just because you're not "rich".


*Dresser top before*

*Dresser top after*

The dresser in the closet or bedroom is the central piece of furniture where we put on our finishing touches like jewelry. It's really the space where we begin our day, and how we start our day usually fuels our energy level throughout it. Decorating the vanity/dresser area can give an entire dressing room a personal touch and make it beautiful...making you feel like the star that you are!  So, if you are guilty of working with a messy closet or dresser vanity, why not let today be the last day that you're cheating yourself from feeling beautiful. Let it reflect the style and taste of the person you truly are.

It's really all about the little things.  Start by clearing out the existing area, then add items that make you feel beautiful, such as fresh flowers in a cute vase or a favorite picture or quote that makes you feel good. To add elegance you can add a nice tray or mirror filled with your favorite scents.
~ Sometimes it's those small things that make life spectacular. ~

If this post has given you some ideas, please share them with me by emailing me some pictures of your before and after vanity/dresser makeovers.

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