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Kelly Ripa Fashionista Of The Year!

After a decade of being Regis's sidekick, our beloved lady Kelly Ripa {is currently trending}... who has stolen so many hearts with her bubbly, witty, stylish, and genuine charm is now occupying the enviable stool of our former legend Regis Philbin... who has moved on to bigger and better things {possibly baby-sitting Joaquin Consuelos or making a pilot with Larry David;}.

Remarkably, Kelly has managed to launch the new show now called, LIVE! with Kelly on Monday November 21, 2011 joined by another guest - legendary Jerry Seinfeld. Her inscrutable, demure smile belies such a coolness that makes her inspirational.

Kelly, by your introduction on the show this morning, you truly show true courage involves doing things that you're afraid of... going out your comfort zone in order to succeed. It's something that I have always believed in, but sometimes I second guess myself because of other's negative reactions or "noise" {words and opinions making me feel that it's a mistake to make changes}.  Your example of constantly forging ahead is not only inspirational, but aspirational as well - helping me and so many others to stay focused and not let others keep me/us stagnated. So I thank you!

So YES! you are in good hands, all of us "Ripaholics" will be taking this journey together with you for as long as it's meant to be! We're confident that you will make this show to also be an unforgettable one. If I could have lunch with anyone this year, it would be with YOU! I've been at the show many times, and have said hi in passing, but I've always been too chicken to ask for a picture.  However, I am grateful that you're one of my twitter buddies since this past June. I once read this quote that I think describes you and by extension all of us:

"Everyone has potential... It is an infinite resource that cannot be exhausted, but can be lost in the clouds of fear and complacency. It may take courage to embrace the possibilities of your own potential, but once you've flown past the summit of your fears, nothing will seem impossible."  So, don't let fear hold you back from reaching your potential.


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