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Let Purple Reign in Your Fashion

Purple Jacket (old),  Red Mesh blouse c/o Anahi,  Jeans by Salt Works (My most reasonably priced jeans, yet the most comfortable.), Bronze metal belt with crystal embellishments from Chico's, Sandals by Steve Madden (also shown here), Bracelet by Joan Rivers {also shown here}... mixed with gold bangles,  Glass white ring with purple and gold zigzags, Glass transparent purple and blue pendant earrings {I don't remember where I got them}

I don't consider myself a seasonal or a trendy person, but I'm very big on a darker palette this fall. On a day when you feel low... I suggest uplifting your spirit by using some bold colors in your fashion and as well as in your home.

The handbag is also seen here

This high-energy duo takes advantage of a beautiful mixture of colors, but make sure to keep the ensemble predominantly in one shade so as not to appear garish...tone it down by mixing in the blue jeans or a neutral color.

Accentuating your appearance with the right color shade for you enlivens your complexion. For instance, I find purple and some coral colors work good with my skin tone.   Sometimes I use other shades ranging from golden to caramel to auburn.

~ Don’t be afraid to create something beautiful out of something unexpected! ~

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  1. Your clothes mix well together and looks complete. The poses are just icing on the cake! = )