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The Newbie Blogger

Hello Blogging World!!! Happy Sunday! As a way of introduction, My name is Rebecca {a.k.a. DaFashionista} I am an interior designer, fashion consultant, foodie and now blogger {*sigh*...this is unchartered waters for me, so the face of this blog will be constantly changing as I learn how to work it... which has been a real challenge.} who thrives on inspiring others through beautiful interiors, fashion, food, travels and advice.

I will be using this blog as a creative outlet to share many of my passions in life with the hope of inspiring others at the same time. Warning in advance- it's a work in progress, so expect some mediocre postings and fuzzy pictures until I get the hang of this new platform! Hopefully you will not let my learning curve on this blog, cloud your judgement of my true work. More to come! Will blog soon!!

"Strength does not lie in what you have. It lies in what you can give."


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