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Show Yourselves Thankful All The Time

I wanted to go dark and moody, but to offset the mustard and russet colored dishes, I used the white gold trim china plates on top for a bit of brightness and luxe. The crystal gold-trimmed glasses reflected the tiniest bit of light... giving that subtle sparkle adding to the ambience of the tablescape. 

Cocktail party tablescape

Beautiful tablescapes are one of those things that bring me lots of joy. Fall colors are even much more heartwarming to me as the vivid colors bring me "ALIVE!" lol... That's why I always find ways to share meals with others throughout the year as often as I can.

Sadly, we live in unthankful world for the most part. That's why it's important to show ourselves thankful all the time... for it has a tremendous positive value in helping to cope with daily problems, especially stress, and to achieve a positive sense of self.

We all want people to love us. Being known as a generous kind person {all the time, especially in these tough economic times} not only will we be loved in return by many, but we will always be remembered for all the good things we do for them... which results in happiness. Talking about that makes me remember the adage: "there's more happiness to give than to receive..." And I've always tried to live by that, that's why you'll find me trying to be a happy giver throughout the year, instead of being coerced into a begrudging giver just the one time of the year.

"Gratitude is the open door to abundance."

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