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BE A HAPPY SAVER: By Exercising Restraint

'Tis the time to spend, spend, spend. Honestly, who doesn't like to be part of the excitement of getting new things that are "On Sale"? Actually, I too, have some things that I'm adoring or should I say that are on my wishlist at the moment:

I love big watches and what better one to get, but a Michael Kors boyfriend watch. They are a bit pricey but if you want a nice watch that will last years and years, this is one of those ok  splurges in my book. Although gold accessories seem to be the in  thing right now, I'm still a white gold/platinum/silver girl. Hoping to get one of these SOON!  There is something about big watches I think that look cool on a girl's wrist.

I just see myself riding downtown on this Vespa... maybe with DaFashionista imprinted on the side of it.;}
Mini Cooper has been a favorite car of mine ever since the movie Italian Job came out. Love the blue color.
Now, do I think I'm going to get everything on this list? Probably NOT {that's why I got a toy Cooper for now}! However, I have hope that "The Trumpster" will extend a little generosity my way - which I know is a dream, because he doesn't even know I exist. LOL... DARN!

Being hit by the recession I realize the shopaholic in me needed to be more reasonable in my expectations. Find contentment by living within your means, and the way to do that, is by being a cautious and prudent spender. It's time to stop being a carefree spender. Although carefree spending is addictive especially on days when you need comfort, it only leads to heartache and unhappiness later {especially when we're stuck with unnecessary bills...becoming a slave to  the lender}.

So my advice to all of you shoppers out there is this: work on self-restraint and don't spend frivolously.  Learn how to manage your money well. Live smart and try not to keep up with the Jones'.