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A Fashion Style Inspired By: Kelly Ripa

I had a meeting to attend and needed business attire that wasn't too buttoned up and  that didn't require a suit jacket since we had a period of warm weather in the middle of November {yes, these pictures were taken a little while ago... lol}... which is unheard of. Lo and behold, I was watching LIVE! With Kelly and am never disappointed with Kelly's timeless style which inspired this outfit. But what's more! About a week or so ago, I got one of Kelly Ripa's most coveted pieces of jewelry... which I will post about in an upcoming outfit post. So stay tuned.;)

 What I'm wearing:
  • Silk purple blouse by Elle {I've had this one for over 10 years}
  • Navy blue skirt by International Concept {a.k.a. INC}
  • Shoes.. Charlotte Russe
  • Bag is from a little boutique in SOHO, NY.
  • Sunglasses from Ulta {as been shown here}

This is the show that inspired my outfit:

Wishing you much sun in Sunday!

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