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Fitness Envy... How Do They Do It?!

Ok, after seeing this amazing video, my first question is: what do you think the weight requirement is to be carried in the palm of someone's hand... aside from being a newborn?

Second, as I was watching this, I thought of Kelly Ripa who always says that when she sees athletes like that, in her mind she thinks she can do it too, and I think I just thought the same. Who am I kidding? hehehe...

You see, I have to laugh because I've not done much exercising since my last big vacation in August. A week away seems to always be the culprit to getting me off my exercise wagon. Deep down inside I want to be fit {Kelly Ripa is my hero in that area... how she keeps motivated is so admirable to me... but HOW can I be like that?!} Such grace, power and control. I just need that Gusto and motivation! {*sigh*}

How about you? What do you find motivates you to exercise even when you are not feeling the best?


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