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Gifts That Will Keep On Giving

People like practical gifts {I know personally I'd rather get gift cards so I can buy what I really want}. I always feel, if you're moved to give someone a gift, it should reflect that you were really thinking about them personally. Not just any unthoughtful gift that you "HAD" to get just for the sake of saying you got something. I think that's why I'm more into spontaneous gift-giving throughout the year instead of this all-out one time deal. But if you're going to give something, here are some of my favorites that I guarantee you, people will love!

KitchenAid 5-Quart hand mixer
Now, this is the gift for the baker in the family or a good friend. I have yet to get one of these puppies. But it's been difficult to find the retro color that I want {baby blue... although the pistachio color is also a very nice color too. For some reason I feel like having one in either of those colors reminds me of Julia Childs. lol}

Need I say more? The 5-in-1 Griddler is such a time-saver for last minute, great tasting food. I put mine to good use. Although I'd rather have this one since it's much bigger than my current one. 
Over the summer, I visited a friend who had this Cuisinart electric kettle, which I thought was pretty cool. Much quicker than boiling water out of stove top tea kettle. Although this particular one is a bit more high tech, there are much less expensive ones too. I still haven't gotten me one. {right now there's free shipping on Amazon}.
The Oral-B Professional electric toothbrush... was one of the best investments that I made. It certainly doesn't compare to a regular toothbrush. If you like that squeaky clean feeling you get after your routine dental cleaning, well, you'll love this toothbrush... what's better is that it doesn't hurt like it does at the dentist office. The hubby and I LOVE ours. It's much cheaper on Amazon... way less, than we paid.

This adorable Zapi toothbrush sanitizer makes sanitizing one's toothbrush cooler. This energetic new 2012 fashionable color certainly makes this a stylish gift.

One of the must have things in my purse. Nivea hand cream. It's truly an indulgence for the hands. Especially, for the winter months when the skin gets very dry. Recently I went to the Doctor and part of the check-up involved him touching my hands and he said: "Wow, your hands are very soft!..." and he proceeded to call his intern that was in the room to come touch my hands. No, he wasn't freakish or inappropriate, my hubby who accompanies me almost everywhere was in the room as well, but I thought it was hilarious. Hey, try it out, you never know who might like it. ;)

Happy Sunday Everyone!

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