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It's One Of Them Days ... Keeping It Real

*Black DKNY cashmere sweat pants, *Steven by Steve Madden Black booties
*Tiffany & Company silver necklace, *Silver hoops, *NY& Company watch {also featured here}, *Sunglasses {also shown here}, *Grey Marc Jacobs bag {was shown here}
*Ralph Lauren silver bracelet, *Silver cocktail ring with marbling stone {old - don't remember where I got it}

I had one of those days that I really didn't have the oomph to get dressed, let alone dress up fashionably with a well thought out outfit.  I was feeling a bit in the dumps because during this time of year, I usually long for family {...nurturing parents...aah, what is that like? I often see, I've never experienced that since conception. Some long for a good loving husband, some long to have children, others for wealth etc... mine is for family.}

I didn't have to work today but I HAD to run errands and grocery shop which required wearing something... and of course the quickest and most easy thing to put on are sweats!

Well, I grabbed my black cashmere DKNY ones {I've had these for eons... which I'm sure you probably can tell by its well-worn look, and they are super comfy! They kinda gave me that soft hug that clothes give when needed;} I pinned up the hair unintentionally... BUT, I took my own advice to put on some heels, and jewelry with a dash of lip gloss, because I find that usually gives one the little "pick me up" on such days, and you know what? It did make me feel  better the rest of the day. Use whatever perks you up when feeling down.

Some might look at these photos as ordinary {because they're not photoshopped... as a matter of fact, I don't even have photoshop... maybe one day.}, but I asked the hubby to take these photos hoping to show other women... real women... that even if you don't feel your best on certain days, you should still try to find that one piece of accessory in your closet that will boost your mood because believe it or not our physical outlook has a strong link to our emotional outlook. Good feelings have healing effects on the mind and body.

How about you? What have you found to work for YOU when you're having those low days? Please share in the comment box below:

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