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Just The Little Things In Life

I have to say that this past year has been a rough roller coaster ride with a lot of ups and downs. I feel that I truly missed out on 2011. Life can be so unfair and brutal and at times it seems to just wring the life out of you if you let it happen.

For that reason, I MAKE  time to savor some of the little things in life {probably what others would consider "life's guilty pleasures," but is it?}, whether it's by enjoying my favorite cup of tea with one or two or twenty Belgian cocoa dusted truffles or taking a day to do what I love. Doesn't drinking the healthy Acai Berry tea with the truffles take away all the fat calories anyway? :) You see in my mind, I think that;) Don't they say 'it's all in the mind.' ?

Looking back on the past seven years of my life, I'm astounded on how quickly it sped away. And sometimes that's the problem. Unless we take the time to "do us"...take the time to smell the roses so-to-speak, and enjoy each day as it comes, time can pass us by and leave us with nothing to show for it except maybe a few vague memories.

I've always been one that lives by the philosophy: "make sure to nurture you by doing and surrounding yourself with what and who you love, if not, you'll be useless to others..." that's why I find it necessary to surround myself with things and people that make me feel good. {sorry, if that sounds snobbish... but the world is full of unhappy people, because they don't take time for themselves}, Granted, that may be tough for most today for whatever reason, but I strongly believe that a productive, enjoyable life is a gift not only to self, but to those around us.

Also, I believe strongly in presentation. That's why you'll notice I make my tea in a French press and use my 24 carat gold plated cup {gift from my mother-in-law}. To me, it makes it special... which boosts my mood immediately. It's psychological I guess.

Try to celebrate each day by doing something for YOU.

~Celebrate you! Happy Sunday.~

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