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Learning the Art of Being Tactful...

We live in a world where it seems that almost everyone is on edge and could care less about other's feelings. Seeing this being done to others or sometimes being guilty of doing this myself which makes me cringe afterwards... has impelled me to write about tact {being fashionable starts from the inside first}. Sometimes having some reminders of things not to do can be a positive affirmation that can help us to improve.

What Is Tact?

A dictionary defines tact as “the ability to appreciate the delicacy of a situation and to do or say the kindest or most fitting thing.” The word originally referred to touch. Just as sensitive fingers can perceive if something is sticky, soft, polished, hot, or hairy, so a tactful person can sense the feelings of other people and can discern how his words or actions affect them. But doing this is not just a skill; it involves a genuine desire to avoid hurting others.

When a person is overly concerned with the importance of his job, he can easily fail to recognize or care about the needs of those he deals with. He is much like the proverbial bus driver who was so concerned with arriving on time that he did not stop to pick up passengers.

My advice is don't let fame, prestige or status in life make you become tactless, but rather, strive to be kind to people, for we do not know how they really feel. We should always be alert to signs that reveal a person’s feelings and respond with a kind word or act. How can you improve your skills in this regard? Check back next Monday for the answer;)

When do you find it hard to be tactful?

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