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Presenting: The Sizzling Hot Color Of 2012... Tangerine!

According to Pantone the color of the year is tangerine! I'm kind of excited about that for many reasons... one, it reminds me of the beautiful fall colors seen in the trees. Those of you who read my blog know that fall is my favorite season.

Second, tangerine/Orange color is a close relative of red - a color that in my opinion, demands more attention than any any other hue on the color wheel. So, I shouldn't be made fun of {like, "we can't miss you in the crowd with such a bright color."} for wearing that color this year... I hope. :s

Also, there is usually strong positive association to the tangerine/orange family. Furthermore, it's a fun and flamboyant color that radiates warmth and energy. Oddly enough, this color has a very broad appeal... which I've mentioned here about my burnt orange colored jacket. It's definitely a mood enhancer...

It's a color that stimulates activity, appetite and socialization. For this reason, it can definitely be used in a dining room anchored by black accents.

*Photo sources: pinterest

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