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Tips On Being Tactful

Understanding the Feelings of Others

All this means is to perceive {or observe} people’s feelings {it's all in the facial expression and body language} and discern how best to treat them kindly. Sometimes, words don't need to be spoken to understand someone else's true feelings/emotions. We can succeed in being tactful by observing how people feel and respond to what we say or our actions. It's that unspoken language of emotion that I talked about here...

Show That You Understand

Tact is especially important when you have a complaint against someone. You can so easily hurt someone's dignity. Specific commendation is always appropriate first. Rather than criticize, concentrate on the problem. Explain how their actions affect you and exactly what you would like to see changed. Then be prepared to listen. Perhaps you have misunderstood that person. People like to feel that you understand their viewpoint even if you do not agree with it. Thus when a person speaks of some problem, rather than offering a solution before hearing the matter out, a tactful way of showing that you understand is to repeat the problem or complaint in your own words. This is a kind way of showing that you understand.

Recognize What Not to Say

You want to tactfully arrange your words in a way that would put the person in a good mood... Only then will you be able to broach any delicate topic that you  might want to discuss. Also what is also instructive to notice is omitting what's not necessary to say so as not to open up unecessary wounds. Tact includes kindly recognizing what not to say.

Speech That Heals

Learning the art of tactful speech will help you to enjoy happy relations with others, even when someone has misunderstood your motives and is bitter and resentful. Try always to consider how your words will affect other people. Making the effort to be tactful will help you to experience the joy and happiness in what is like to have peaceful relationships.

Happy Monday

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