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The Voice Within ~ Believe In Yourself

Being the newbie at anything is always kind of a difficult thing in life. As a new blogger... I'm really not dealing with cattiness in an office setting per say, but the cattiness can still be felt by people's attitudes when I reach out to them. You have ones that feel like they're better because of the brands they represent or the amount of people they have following them, basically if you're not one of them - you're a "nobody."

This is rather pathetic, and certainly short-sighted because life takes some unexpected funny turns sometimes, and one day you may need the help of that "pee-on" you don't want to give the time of day right now. Although at times it can be disparaging and make me say "the heck with it," I recall what the hubby always says to me, "everyone has to start from somewhere." *{And those of you who have acknowledged my blog - thank you, I appreciate it. Xo}*

Really, starting anew at anything isn't a failure and it should not make you  feel inferior... as a matter of fact, it shows gumption to be able to leave your comfort zone to go after something you love despite the societal view of age or negative opinions. {I find writing about your feelings, not only helps you to put things into perspective, but it's also cathartic.}

So, to anyone with a dream {me included:} know and always believe that your greatest dream can come true. Hold on to hope, despite endless rejections...let it work out endurance in you. Someone will eventually care and notice your worth! Oprah once said at her farewell show "each one has a platform within their own reach. Everyday, show people who you are, because your birthright alone makes you worthy enough..."

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