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Brio tuscan grille restaurant experience in Las Vegas

The view of Tivoli Village from Boca Park shopping center
The hubby and I were starving after attending a meeting. We were on the prowl for some good lunch. Here we are in Las Vegas driving around to find some place decent to eat off the strip and we ran into this newly built development called Tivoli Village. So we decided to eat at Brio tuscan grille - I guess it's a West Coast restaurant. What made it more appealing is that it had outdoor seating... being New Yorkers, outdoor seating is a must! Ok, let's go there...

We got seated. Ahhh... this is nice. Weather is gorgeous and no smoke filled air like the strip. But we waited and waited and waited some more. Finally, after a good 15 minutes or more of waiting this unfriendly waitress {didn't say hello or even give eye contact} came asking what we wanted to drink. We ordered 2 apple cider martinis that looked very appetizing off the menu and our lunch - then we waited and waited and waited some more... than this other waitress came with a smile and told us that our drinks and food order will soon come out soon. I guess this friendly waitress was supposed to be the server for our table, but was too swamped to get our orders - meanwhile, the other one was just annoyed she had to come to us... who knows?

Anyway, the friendly waitress which technically was the waitress we should have had to begin with came out with our drinks finally. {By then a good 40 minutes went by...} As I look at the drinks to be deposited on our table, I could tell they weren't the apple cider martinis we ordered from the unfriendly waitress, so I said: "are those apple cider martinis?" the friendly waitress: "oh, you ordered the featured drinks! No, these are apple martinis. Okay, I'm sorry..." now we're waiting AGAIN! Finally, the right drinks came out. Thank goodness they were delicious... the food came not too long thereafter.

Apple Cider Martini

Eggs Benedictano*

Fruits & Ricotta Cream Crepes

As we were finally eating, our friendly waitress went to ask the table behind us if they wanted anything else while holding glasses in her hand, I guess while she went to reach to grab more glasses off their tables, she dropped one out her hand onto the cement floor and shattered glass went flying everywhere by us. Poor girl, I think she had too much going that day, but she kept her smile and did her job like a champ! The best part is, after we finished eating when she brought the check out, she says: "here's a card from the manager for the long wait for a complimentary appetizer off the menu next time you come." Here's a picture of the card:

Do you see anything wrong with it? Can you believe we have to buy something full price off the menu to get the "complimentary appetizer."! LOL - the one good thing is the weather was nice, so we got to walk around Tivoli Village which is  beautiful. It kind of reminded me a little bit of Rome with the paver/cobblestone streets and the fountain in the middle looking like what they call "centro" in Rome.

Needless to say, we will not be going back. The food is only average and being a cook I always expect food that's way better than what I can prepare in my own kitchen to make it an unforgettable experience for us. Since I went crazy on taking pictures of this place {called Tivoli Village}... I've decided to just put all the pictures in a slide for your pleasure:)

What would you have done???

~Happy Friday Fashionistas!~

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    1. Thank you so very much! I have joined your lovely site too, and will be adding you to my links I love on my blog;) have a good weekend.