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Golden Globes 2012 Fashion Envy

I must admit that every red carpet event that I see makes me wish I could be there just to have an opportunity of playing dress up. I mean, what girl doesn't like to play dress up? Especially this girl who gets to be glammed up only for rare occasions such as weddings, formal nights on a cruise ship or business events for the hubby's company.  It's been such a dry spell for so long... I gave away many of my evening gowns to a friend just because I was annoyed of having all those gowns in dry cleaning bags occupying precious closet space. Sad huh?

Option 1 with the black accessories - I think give the outfit a little more sophistication and presence.
For that reason I long for wedding invitations. I'm finding these are pretty much the only occasions that really give me a chance to glam up a bit.;) although I have to say the area where the hubby and I are temporarily living isn't into dressing up... not even for a wedding! I don't know if it's because it's a town where a woman's idea of dressing up is fishnet stockings, g-strings and breast spillage {I'll let your mind wonder where that could possibly be;} - definitely not my idea of elegance, but it just makes me wonder :s

Speaking about wedding invitations. We just got one! So of course, I've been scanning the web for some evening gowns, but to my dismay a lot of them are so short... you would actually see my tonsils when I sit down {*sigh*}. But I managed to find some pretty modest ones which totally reminds me of some of the gowns worn on the red carpet at the golden globes this past Sunday. Now, it's the deciding of which ensemble to go for... here's some ideas I'm thinking of thus far; since I don't think anyone on that red carpet wore the 2012 color... I'm going to make sure to represent it and bring some zest to the party;). The good thing is it'll almost be spring, so the color will be right on!

option 2 - with lighter accesories give the dress a much lighter springy feel
I need your opinion of which one you like best. I'll probably be the most dressed, but I've gotten used to it by now. I don't mind being the trendsetter! LOL.

~Happy Friday!

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