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"It Had Me at Hello"

Recently I hinted in one of my posts that I bought a similar necklace like Kelly Ripa's most coveted Sydney Evan necklaces and promised to share it with you. First let me say, when I first laid my eyes on that particular necklace, "it had me at hello." I instantly fell in love with it and been eyeing it ever since. 
Of course, you must realize that I would never whip out $1300 on a necklace although beautiful.  I'd be more apt at spending that on some Christian Louboutin shoes or a designer purse but definitely not on a necklace - at least not right now anyway{especially since I'm getting ready to make a big move... a topic for upcoming posts;} maybe in the future. And being a non-celebrity, I know designers aren't going to shower me with their most expensive jewelry pieces on a daily basis to wear so as to give them publicity...HA! Hopefully one day! One can always dream.
I knew I would have to find a similar one that was more budget friendly, yet not sacrificing style or bling factor, and guess what?!? I did find it! After I ordered it online, I wasn't sure what I'd get in the mail, but I must say, I was pleasantly surprised. The silver is very heavy and gives off a lot of sparkle - and what girl doesn't like a sparkle. No, it's not the Sydney Evan one, but it's close enough for me to wear it proudly.
I'm sure by now those who read my blog have noticed that I'm an accessory girl. I truly believe that one can update a simple outfit by putting on the right kind of accessory. It's like in design- a couch without a beautiful throw or pillows on it looks just plain and unfinished.  However, with the right touches, it stands out as fabulous.
*Pssst, keep reading my blog to find out the details on how to win my version of this necklace in a sweepstakes giveaway. 
Happy hump day
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