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I'm Only Human

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Man, oh man, I'm having a hard time today with this gloominess. What's ironic is that I love and most often wish for gloomy days, but for some odd reason today I'm finding it giving me the blues in a very bad way {crazy thoughts bad way}.

Usually when I'm down, I always find solace in music. Today though, it seems that it's one of those days that I just want to stew in my sadness. :( boo to SADNESS!  My all-time desire is to never feel sad/negative. To be always be positive and upbeat. I've been sorting through a box of notebooks/journals that I've accumulated over the years. I came upon this notebook where I can apparently see I do really want to change my thought pattern, especially for these down days. This notebook was filled with pointers on how to identify your thoughts, challenge your thinking and evaluate your attitude to learn to be positive.  

Please allow me to indulge {or should I say bore you} with some pages of that notebook.

All those notes are from this book: Positive Thinking by Susan Quilliam. I had borrowed it from the library, but I'm thinking I should have bought it instead of writing down so many of its pages... although it seems like I wrote down the parts that interested me and were of immediate help. 

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