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Inspirations amidst chaos

I need this cheery looking backsplash at the moment. Imagine waking up to a kitchen like this? The turquoise color gives the room such a jolt that would cheer up any foul moods upon awakening. Love it!
Monday I started out with a little bit of energy but it quickly fade away as I attempted to get some organizing done. Needless to say, my list of things to do looks very much like it did at the start of the day - huge.  I think I'm still kind of bummed from accidentally deleting almost 2,000 pictures {including all our traveling pictures...Europe & every place we've been and that's a lot.} off my usb flash drive in an effort to simplify my files. I was worried of slowing down my laptop with all the pictures I had on there and somehow when I was transferring from my computer to the usb, it all got erased! My Superman hubby bought that special software that retrieves deleted files and tried to rescue the lost photos, but to no avail.:'( He was only able to retrieve a couple, but the majority of the pictures {the ones I really wanted} were corrupted and would not open :( booo!

In order to cheer myself up and hopefully inspire you, I decided to share some pictures that I've had on my computer as inspirations for our next place that we'll be hunting for real soon!  I was going to share my own personal recipe of meatloaf that I made for dinner Sunday night, but this post is less mentally challenging to do... since I don't have to think about writing down my recipe. I'll have to share my recipe with you on another post {to which by the way, I'm really proud of ...because it looks like a recipe that should be on the food network - if I may say so myself... lol:}. So stay tuned;)

I'm usually not for all white walls if at all, but this works for me. At least in this room. I love the chandelier in the room. I can see having people over for a brunch in a dining room like this.
The blue walls give this room a calm, sleek feel that sure will lower anyones blood pressure having dinner there. In any light-colored room like this always needs some dark color to anchor it, and that's exactly what the dark wood dining table does along with its counterpart-the color-bound sisal rug...bringing the natural in even in such a modern room.
I love this kitchen for it's airiness, but the big white pendant lighting would have to go. I always need bling in my spaces;) I would probably change it to maybe something like these...

The one on the left might be too long depending on the ceiling's height, but I definitely like the one on the right.

The hubby and I are really into these antlers lately. Love the wood floors... can't wait to go back to having wood floors again! Woot! {giggles:}

Which design do you like best or reflects you the most?

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