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Kardashian Khaos

It was on a nice peaceful day with the hubby seeing clients and running errands. As our afternoon of errands was winding down, we decided to stop at the cheesecake factory for Linner {late lunch/dinner} before we headed out on our Thursday pilgrimage to the grocery to do our weekly grocery shopping. As our food came. I got a rare phone call {since we usually just communicate through texts or face-to-face} from one of whom I like to call 'my little girls' asking me if I wanted to accompany them to the new Kardashian store opening night at the Mirage hotel in Las Vegas in like 2hrs. {screeeeechhhh - WHAT?! GULP.} They wanted to get there early to be first in line so they could see them and take pictures.  

At first, I was like 'I'm far from where you live, I don't think I can go... cause we just started eating and on our way to go grocery shopping.'  I know very glamorous right? That thought lasted but a quick second, for me to say YES! I'll accompany you guys.

Well, now it's like inhale the food and let's run out of here. It went from "yay, I'm glad you're coming" to "what should I wear?" I said to go Kardashian relaxed style - skinny jeans with a nice billowy blouse dashed with a nice bold statement necklace and boots. Got it!

The icing on the cake is I'm a temporary resident in Vegas and hate going to the strip nor do I know how to find my way in the hotel parking garages. So, the hubby was like: "I'll take you guys... I'll just bring my laptop, do work and wait for you." Needless to say, the hubby once again impressed the girls that he would even do that. I know. He's an angel;) - they said: "you have the coolest HUSBAND!" I was like I know. I tell him all the time;) LOL

Hubby dropped us off. As we approached the store front inside that hotel, OMGoodness! My world went from a calm normal day with the hubby to sheer Khaos.

As we approached the store all we could see in front of us was a sea of a perspiring screaming crowd surrounding the store. This was followed by a crashing broken glass sound coming from the store to security guards shooing us away from any place we attempted to stand. Men had their girls on their shoulders trying to take pictures. As the Kardashian girls started to arrive things got crazier, we could not even get a glance of them from the madness... by then we were exhausted from waiting and our feet were killing us from standing for hours to hopefully get pictures of them.

Rob's head in the window there. He was nice enough to come out to sign autographs for a bunch of screaming girls.

As they all did their red carpet photos, they slithered into the store, so the photographers barricading the red carpet finally went away, which afforded us the opportunity to get closer to the store where we all waited for them to come back out. In the meantime,they sent out some of the store's employees with "goodie bags" { their new nail polish wrapped in tissue paper to which their employees purposely kept passing us over...the boy giving them out was just set on giving the same little girls tons of them. Finally, the girl heard me say behind her "they're getting them all" and she was kind enough to pass one little measly bag to me. I subsequently passed it on to one of my girls which made her happy:} Of course as soon as they were done schmoozing in the store with the 'elite' who were invited to be in the store, they ran out of the front door straight to dinner and the mass crowd followed right behind them, leaving many disappointed and my 'little girls' with no good photos{grimacing}.

This is as close as I got. To the poster :D
Listen!  I know celebrities are used to getting so much attention from people that they don't know and who continuously make them rich and famous. I don't watch the Kardashians, but I have to say it was a much more classier atmosphere we spent with them in 2010 at Dos Caminos Las Vegas {sadly, this location is now closed:(} while we were there with one of our clients.

The ceiling fixture in the KK's store

Happy Friday ~ Pass On Kindness

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