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True Friendship... If You Find It... Build It

Who are your true friends?
Let's face it, who doesn't need a best friend? Unfortunately though, not all of us are blessed with a real true friend. In this day and age with so many ways to connect with the outside world, many seem to be surrounded by a list of "friends," looking popular, but yet still feel lonely and ignored. Why is that? It's because friends deserve time and attention - which comes from being a giver. The person receiving is happy, but the giver is even happier.
How do you build a true friendship? We can simply give by:
1 - Taking interest in those we want to be friends with - sincerely asking how they are...
2 -Trying to understand how they feel (that's what empathy is).
3 - Reach out by doing all you can without waiting for them to ask...
4 - Strengthen the existing friends that you have.
Do not sacrifice friendship for less-noble and less-fulfilling pursuits. Friends deserve time and attention. Taking time is fundamental to finding and keeping friends. Nowadays, what I find is that people DON'T LISTEN! So frustrating! We all can improve in listening and always show interest in what others say by not interrupting. That will definitely attract you to others.
So my advice to you is BE A GOOD LISTENER. One of the best ways to boost your own happiness is to surround yourself with people who are happy themselves. Happiness is contagious. True friends can help you through challenges and can even encourage you to be a better person.

*Happy Monday Y'all!* Xx

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