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Zesty Chic

Seeing this cover made me think of the color of 2012. Zesty and cheery! Besides, any magazine cover with Cameron Diaz on it is definitely cheery. What do you think of this look?


Spring Is In The Air

Nothing screams 'Spring!' like colored denim. The future for this spring seems to be the brighter, the better - like these fluorescent colored jeans. If you want to bring some cheer to expel some winter blues, these jeans pair perfectly with any style top that you have in your closet... I can't wait to get one in every color. Aren't they the happiest looking jeans EVER?!

Citizens of Humanity Mandy Floral Roll Up Jeans {Definitely a great pair of Jeans for this the fun side of you}

Add a little sunshine to your closet. Happy Monday!


A Crackly Nail Moment

Lately with all the nail trend inspirations I've come to realize that my hands don't photograph well. Especially during the winter months, they get so shriveled up that I haven't been able to share some of my pretty nail designs with you, but I've managed to feel ok showing a few of my own latest nail trend... although I'm not proud of how my hands look like. They give the crypt keeper a run for his money :O

Pure Ice nail polish {pussy cat color} // Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat Nail Color, Fractured Foil 03

I chose to  forgo taking pictures of many of my cool nail designs due to the fact that I couldn't get really good shots of the nails without seeing my hands looking like the older lady {Rose} from titanic. But in this look, I had a metallic crackle {which by the way is an art to getting the crackle polish to actually crackle!} finish polish on, which I had in these outfit posts here and here.

Happy Sunday!


Going Back To Cali

I'm going back to Cali, Cali, Cali... Omgoodness!  Remember this song.  LOL - that song was brought to mind yesterday when I was talking to some folks about our upcoming trip to the Kodak theatre in Hollywood.  Last time the hubby and I were in Hollywood was back in November 2006 and then again in 2009 when we took friends from NY to visit good'ol LA - that was such a fun trip.  We went to Beverly Hills afterwards to eat at Ruth's Chris, and we got to see Adam Sandler there that night celebrating some birthday party. That was a night to remember!  Great memories with fun people:) Sometimes, I wish you could freeze some moments forever.

Seeing this picture of me by Regis'Hollywood walk of fame star near the Kodak theatre back in '06, and now heading back there for the LIVE! With Kelly show makes me think that it was all meant to be.

It's amazing how fast time flies. To me, it feels like it was just yesterday, but no, it's already been a good while already!  Yikes!  Feeling very excited to be going there for the LIVE! With Kelly after Oscar show.  Can't WAIT!  Lots of #Ripaholics are going to be there. What should I wear? I guess stay tuned...

See you all there #Ripaholics! Have a safe trip!


'Safe And Sound'

I'm not a big Taylor Swift fan {gasp}, although as of late I've been finding her fashion style intriguing... she definitely has morphed into a very stylish young lady.  I stumbled upon this new video for her song 'Safe And Sound' and I really like it!

I find where the video was shot to be peaceful - oddly enough, it was in a cemetery, but the flowy white gown, the grey sky, the wintry tall trees evoke such a calming effect upon my heart. Some might find it a bit eerie, I, on the other hand, find the setting and the lyrics married really well. I'm in love! I'm definitely buying this song for SURE!

Happy Friday!


Fashion Inspiration

Recently, I wrote about some other fashion essentials besides the typical LBD {little black dress}. In case you aren't too sure on how to incorporate some of those essentials in your closet, here's some style ideas that you can invest in.

3. La Mer Collections Neon Simple Wrap Watch {I love the pop of color this fun bright watch gives}
5. Essie - Pink Nail Polish Shades {Fiesta - it's a party on the nails;}

3. ASOS Slot Through Portfolio Clutch {in a snake effect fabric with metal corners and bars to the strap - for a little bit of edge.}


Back To Black

I love this little dress a lot. Not only for its asymmetrical neckline that adds a stylish flair to it, but for the stretchy fabric that makes it fit like a glove and of course the front pockets! I love me a dress with pockets. It's a Nine West dress. Fully lined, with a hidden side zip closure. I Wore it last month to dinner with the husband.

The bold floral pattern on this dress certainly gives it a shot of personality while at the same time adding a fun, girlish feel to the look. I paired it with a black jacket and nude heels pump.

Happy hump day


Wallcoverings: A Way To Tell Your Story

Interior design is an artistic way of self-expression. Wallcoverings are a sure way to express yourself. They have come such a long way these days. There are endless options in finding something that will help anyone express their sense of style and personality.

Paisley Wallpaper in Yellows and Neutrals

Paisleys are definitely big right now. To be honest, I have a love/hate relationship with this pattern. It's just got to be the right scale and color and style. I happen to like these, but the one I really love is the one that appeared in the bedroom condo of the Rachel Zoe show last year. I haven't been able to find it anywhere. It's got greys and gold in it...plain Gorg!

These are the picks that I might use in an upcoming project. I hope you get inspired by this post and feel motivated to update your home with wallpaper that is fun and will help you tell your story.


Fashion Essentials

You'll turn heads for sure with these nude heels by Dereon

I feel like the 'little black dress' {true, the 'little black dress' is a fashion must have, but there are other closet must-haves, you musn't forget about}, seems to always steal the fashion thunder from other wardrobe essential must-haves that are just as important. That said, I would like to bring awareness of these wardrobe essentials to the fore:

First and foremost, I would like to present the other wardrobe must-have: the handy dandy nude pump. No, nude pumps aren't only for light skin tones. They go with every skin color and is a must-have that gives your outfit that nice pop.

From left to right: Gabriella Rocha Nude/Coral Trim Patent Pumps//  Jessica Simpson Nude Patent Pump posh and sleek for the office

From left to right: Chinese Laundry Nude Heels - Just pure hotness if you ask me// Nude Patent Pump with chunky {giving you the balance your feet needheels by Luichiny

From left to right: La Soir Nude Satin Pumps - the rhinestones on these pumps give them the elegance and sophistication that a fashionista would want.// Steven by Steve Madden closed toe sling backs heels are sure to give you that polished look.

What's also nice about having a pair of nude pump heels is that not only can you can wear them with ANYTHING, but it also elongates your legs {especially if you've got short legs like I do}.

The little black blazer get its fair share of attention. Now, it's time to also give attention to owning blazers in neutral colors.  They are a quick way to dress up jeans or any other outfits in a hurry. Adding that needed accent/pop of color or oomph to your outfit.

From left to right: Alexander McQueen Satin-Trimmed Lapels Cotton-blend blazer.// T by Alexander Wang's cropped cotton-blend jacket is a cool coverup with versatile appeal. Dress it up with elegant city shorts and glittery accessories. Definitely a great piece for day to night.   


Beware The Frenemy

Oh man oh man!

If you're around people that want you to shrink down to fit within their limited box - they're definitely the wrong associates for you. People that love you will embrace your individuality not squash you and your potential due to their own insecurities. Every now and then, I need these reminders in order to keep a level head.

*Image via

Have a great Sunday!


Lush ~ness

About a month or so ago, a friend had been wanting to take me to this store named LUSH. However, for some reason, every time she'd tell me about Lush, I thought it was some kind of cocktail bar and that I would have to find a free Friday night to go with her, and at the same thinking of what was I going to wear? {You can see what's always on my mind huh! hehehe.}

Well, I finally joined her recently to Lush and did get intoxicated immediately! {not on alcohol, but to a world of naturally hand-made cosmetics/lotion/soap/shampoo products}. As you enter the store, you get hit with a plethora of fragrances...if you're one that's sensitive to perfume, it might be a difficult place to go, as the smell when you first walk in can be overwhelming, but quickly dies down as you move around the store.

If you're into natural products, Lush is a paradise.  Not only that, but the products are visually stimulating as they also evoke a sense of luxury! Although I found some items they carry to be pretty expensive, the products are worth it. I bought this facial mask called AYESHA hand-made by Sara to try out.   I have to say I was very pleased with how it leaves your skin feeling. I actually got complimented a lot on how smooth my skin looked and felt after using that mask. Honestly you get what you pay for. The only thing is, the products have a very short shelf life because of the natural ingredients used, so you'd have to give yourself a facial every other day or the whole thing will go bad on you.

I couldn't stop taking pictures of LUSH with my "Dingle berry"  phone. The employees at the LUSH store in Mandalay hotel Las Vegas are amazing.  They are knowledgeable about the products and extremely helpful. I ended up walking out {after I paid of course} with the facial masks, and some body oil as well. I hope the pictures give you a glimpse of the experience that I had.

When I saw these body tints...I immediately said to myself: "Kelly Ripa would probably love these!"
I guess if you're going to be a lush it's best to become a natural lush;) {Cheesy I know}.

*FYI, I was NOT  paid to write this post.  I just truly enjoyed my time at the store and thought it was a cool place, so I wanted to share my experience with you as I naturally {no pun intended} do on this blog. I think vendors are going to get used to getting free advertisements on my blog. Oh well- in my book, I feel commendation & kindness where it's due are always in style!

~ I Wish you a safe weekend! ~


Reliving One Of My LIVE! Moments

Recently I went through some pictures and relived one of my LIVE! With Regis & Kelly moments {When Regis was still around}. Ahh, such fun memories! You see, a while back I was off for three months and almost every day, I would wake up at four am, get dressed, take the train and be on the standby line by five or six am for the show. I'm talking in rain, sleet, snow and brutally cold NY winds, but I dressed appropriately for the occasion and was all warmed up inside thinking upon the chance of getting in.

I was such a regular that the security guard who monitored the sidewalk line would look at me and say with a smile: "you're back again?" and my reply would be: "I hope I get in today...". Even their standby line had perks to it.  A coffee truck guy would come every morning and yell: "there's free coffee, tea, hot cocoa, bagels, apple cider!..." It was funny to see the faces of people who came from out of town {probably have heard crazy stories about NYers you know} as they would look at each other with doubts...wondering if there was a catch to this. LOL... Probably thought: "there's no such thing as a free lunch." But surprisingly it was.

Another perk was I'd get to see Regis walking his long distance commute to the studio with his doorman. Sweet Regis! :D. What's funny is all of a sudden you'd hear screaming of Regis' name from the back of the line. Older ladies would be saying: "My big daddy're looking GOOD!" hehehehe

Anyways, this was one of the occasions that my early rising paid off. I was included in one of the batches that they let in late after the first part of the show... we were getting in for a second taping. And guess what! While we were being ushered in the studio quietly, here comes passing me by in the hall THE GORGEOUS KELLY RIPA! I was like "HI KELLY!" excitely almost touching her...the security guard {not the one that calls her 'special K'} said sternly: "MISS, GET BACK!" imagine my sadness, but she was so sweet and looked at me right in the eye and said kindly "Hi!" with that beautiful smile of hers.

I think this was the show or maybe not {too many of them to remember}, that they were giving away to the whole audience $500 PierOne gift cards and when I was let in on that particular day, everyone was given a number, I was for sure thinking I was going to be one of the beneficiaries - imagine my DEEP chagrin when I was not given that card {They must have been giving them to ticket holders only...   never quite found out about that, it didn't matter at that point anyway.} the wounds of my heart even became deeper as I stepped outside to see everyone with their envelopes coming out of the studio. It makes me sad just thinking about it even now ...waah waah {giggles}. WHY DON'T I EVER WIN ANYTHING?!   Incidentally, I've been entering that trivia game for aeons now and I never get called. Waaaaahhh :(

Well, needless to say I was a nervous wreck thus, the blurry pictures. But I've been on that show for two tapings when Jimmy Kimmel co-hosted with Kelly. I've also been there for Ashley Tisdale, Steve Carell, Howie Mandel, Carrot Top, Rod Stewart and some others that I can't remember right now. YES! My name is Rebecca. I was a LIVE! With Regis & Kelly Junkie and continue to be a non-reforming LIVE! With Kelly. There I said It! "If Loving LIVE! With Kelly is wrong then I don't wanna be right."

Now it is my hope to go see them at the Kodak Theatre for Oscar week at the end of this month. Maybe this time, Kelly can make my dream come true and allow me to take a non-blurry picture without security guard detainment. One can only wish. Thanks Pipa for following on Twitter. ♥