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~ Chill Out ~

Depending on where you live, winter certainly is here. Myself, I'm happiest when it's fall and winter {definitely one thing I don't have in common with Kelly Ripa - my favorite fashionista or my husband for that matter. They both love warm/hot weather}... there's something about wearing chunky knits and turtlenecks that I find very cozy and comforting. At least the good kind anyways - like Cashmere and softer types of sweaters.

Do you see the little ducklings heading my way? They probably thought I had food for them...hehehe

Although I found out today that the hubby doesn't like this sweater I'm wearing, I love the style and shape of it, but he says it's a NAY. What do you think? Do you also think it's a nay? Please share your thoughts in the comment box below this posting;) Thanks

Happy Hump Day:)

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