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A Crackly Nail Moment

Lately with all the nail trend inspirations I've come to realize that my hands don't photograph well. Especially during the winter months, they get so shriveled up that I haven't been able to share some of my pretty nail designs with you, but I've managed to feel ok showing a few of my own latest nail trend... although I'm not proud of how my hands look like. They give the crypt keeper a run for his money :O

Pure Ice nail polish {pussy cat color} // Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat Nail Color, Fractured Foil 03

I chose to  forgo taking pictures of many of my cool nail designs due to the fact that I couldn't get really good shots of the nails without seeing my hands looking like the older lady {Rose} from titanic. But in this look, I had a metallic crackle {which by the way is an art to getting the crackle polish to actually crackle!} finish polish on, which I had in these outfit posts here and here.

Happy Sunday!

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